Case Study

Web Design, Development and SEO

NetConnect partnered with one of the leading digital business marketing agencies in Pennsylvania. The client provides digital strategies incorporating graphic design, marketing, and website development for business organizations.


To provide a vast range of services to their client, they outsourced some of their work to freelancers. However, this practice had a few shortcomings, some of which were:
  • Communication and collaboration became inefficient. It required a real-time communication system to stay connected with freelancers. Sharing real-time feedback was even more difficult.
  • Freelancers of their choice were unavailable to the client at the time of need as they were committed to multiple projects.
  • Some of the freelancers were unable to spend the necessary time to understand the client’s business and get involved in becoming an integral part of the organization.
  • There was an issue of liability as well. It was nearly impossible to determine whether the freelancers were credible.

Finding a Way Out

They approached a trusted and reliable White Label Service provider, NetConnect. We signed extensive Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and then acted as an extension of our client, providing our expertise in digital marketing without revealing our name. The client was then free to sell these services to their customers with their own brand name.

Solutions We Offered

We provided first-class web design and development services our client needed to deliver to their customers under the brand of our client. We collaborated with them to provide Search Engine Optimization, PPC and Affiliate Marketing campaigns for their customers. We delivered strategic online marketing, advertising, social media and online lead generation solutions to our client. We handled all the tasks needed for their digital marketing campaign, including web design, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, app development and branding. We also provided a personal, dedicated project manager and team to handle the multiple projects of our client.


Our streamlined white label SEO campaign management and reporting helped our client deliver expert service to their client, while they focused on business building. Unlike the freelancers they previously hired, we were able to deliver websites that had a professional look, thanks to our expertise in designing, programming, development and digital marketing. Our top-notch services helped our client earn the loyalty of their customers. The client received access to a wide range of services which were not provided to their customers previously. We helped our client save money by eliminating costs and risks of investing in hiring in-house staff and infrastructure. We relieved our client from the pressure of getting things done. All they had to do was rebrand the services we provided. Want to offer more to your customers? Become a white label reseller. Being a white label reseller helps you add more streams of income to your revenue.

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