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    Digital Marketing for Energy Industry

    Often, an energy company finds that the constant changes and innovations occurring in the energy industry mean giving constant attention to their website design and tweaking of their digital marketing programs. There are several major components of digital marketing that when used correctly result in success for an energy company. These components break down into two key categories:

    1) basic structure of the digital marketing format

    2) proactive components.

    A comprehensive digital marketing format relies on strategy, research, planning, implementation, consulting, monitoring, audit, and analysis. These are the basic structures that form a digital marketing plan.

    However, proactive components such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media strategy, marketing automation, value messaging, full sales enablement, and follow-up analytics specifically address customized business needs.

    While both categories provide a promotional structure, the proactive components set the stage for advanced digital marketing for an energy company. To design and develop a digital marketing format with all these components requires experience and knowledge of the energy markets.









    For example, SEO and pay-per-click advertising for energy company usage require the services of trained, experienced digital marketing experts so that these components function optimally. These experts provide state-of-the-art talent and skill in a cost-effective, timely manner.

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    Google My Business Optimization

    Google is one of the top search engines and offers a wide range of handy tools for search engine users. One of these is Google My Business (GMB), a tool that is an important step in the use of both Local SEO and National SEO. This is an excellent tool for brand recognition. Business optimization is always a priority for energy companies. GMB is an excellent tool to manage and organize online presence. This is a digital marketing tool a digital marketing consultant will introduce as part of their service.

    SEO for Energy Companies

    SEO for energy companies is all about compatibility with web browsers and user-friendly searches. Keywords used for energy companies would necessarily relate to the terminology with which customers are most familiar.

    Keywords for energy companies like “energy efficiency,” “kWh used,” and “cost per kWh” should also be optimized in content for faster search results. Most important is that the keywords describing the energy company’s name make a search simple and easy to reach. Plugging in the words “electric company” is too broad for expedient search.

    Rather, the energy company should use a more unique keyword in the web content that makes the search a direct link to the company’s website. In most cases, these types of energy companies have business names that are singularly unique, given that most are public utilities that follow governmental compliance regulations.

    However, if a customer is searching for an energy company that offers service contracts, keywords for this can refer to specific types of appliances, which narrows the search.

    SEO for an energy company requires identifiable business terminology inserted into keyword structure. SEO for an energy company’s digital marketing relates to factors within the energy services provided by the business; this may include additional features like products and services.

    Choosing the Right Keywords

    When energy companies use digital marketing, it is essential they choose the right keywords to capture local attention. For example, if there is a local electrical energy grid, the right keywords might include the name of the town or the site location. This is also true for local citations of energy office locations within a specific area.

    When designing digital marketing for an energy company, there is a debate as to whether short-tail or long-tail keywords activate more user results. This is especially important in the research segment of digital marketing with respect to cost per click (CPC.) Perhaps the best way to choose between short-tail or long-tail keywords is to assess which type is used more frequently by browser users.

    Another consideration is keyword difficulty. While it is important to choose keywords relative to the energy company, if the keywords in the content are too difficult, they do not represent a unique keyword style. Keyword considerations include short-tail versus long-tail keywords, research, keyword difficulty, and CPC. Very often, there is the assumption that deliberately skewing the spelling or the keyword string makes for faster searches.

    Optimizing Content

    Search engines evaluate the quality and optimization of web content to help determine its ranking. But it is also important for target customers. The rule of thumb for content optimization is “less is more.” Words chosen in content do not need to be exaggerated to capture a wider search audience.

    Instead, content should be optimized by “word value.” For example, if an energy company wants to announce an increase in cost per kWh, fewer words should be chosen in content while emphasizing key points for added word value. The best way to achieve content optimization is through Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) or by following the standardized API style guide. This means an energy company will want to cover topics like energy rates by location, types of offered energy plans, etc.

    Providing Quality Backlinks

    The whole link-building process can be quite challenging. An energy company will need to do a lot of work to get the company website mentioned on other sites, covered in the local press, and promoted by business partners.

    Aside from citations, a big part of what determines rankings are the number of backlinks going to company pages.

    Energy companies have many options for quality backlinks to insert into the digital marketing content. An energy company may wish to backlink to several large end-users in commercial and industrial businesses. An energy company may also choose backlinks to their most frequent business vendors and outsourced suppliers.

    Improving Website Traffic

    Digital marketing for an energy company is intended to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic. Using tools like SEO for energy company marketing or PPC for energy company monitoring of website visits generates better results in a timely manner. This is one of the reasons digital marketing has become a feature of greatest business importance.

    Pay-per-click Advertising

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising remains one of the most popular and frequently used business tools. There are several types of PPC platforms. For energy companies that offer more than just electricity, PPC is compatible with advertising for electrical repairs, installations, and electrical protection plans.

    PPC for energy company advertisements and promotional events is a cost-effective way to promote business visibility over a wider local, regional, and national online platform.

    Online Reputation Management

    Being an online business has many advantages. One drawback, however, is linked to online customer reviews that can have an adverse effect on an online reputation. There is also the recurring possibility of competitors for market share who may use actual business names to compare their quality reputation.

    Online reputation management may also be affected by networks of public relations managers whose main job is to provide their clients with top-of-the-line reputation management at the expense of competitors. This usually has an adverse effect on competitors and advertisers.

    For energy companies, seeking the services of a highly-trained, experienced reputation management specialist always offers the greatest return on investment.

    Online reputation management is a carefully designed plan to ensure that the business name, brand, and browser rank are presented to the online public with the best features. An online reputation management expert will also remove negative search results.

    Social Media Marketing For Energy Businesses

    Social media marketing has a proven track record of success for energy companies because it allows closer business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships. Today’s social media marketing includes the use of remote scanning and website access for inquiries and ordering services.

    SEO for energy company implementation is best managed by SEO professionals. This is also true for PPC for energy companies where the number of site visits pays off in site clicks.

    One of the benefits of social media marketing for an energy company is the immediate attention this type of marketing receives as a result of the frequency of social media use.

    Social media marketing provides pop-up ads to social media users who may not otherwise have taken the time to search for a specific website. This is a form of attracting impulse buyers who see a social media ad and react immediately with a simple click.

    NetConnect Digital for the Highest Quality Digital Marketing Services

    NetConnect Digital is a digital agency in Pennsylvania that offers a full range of services. These include

    These tools are designed to enhance the marketing strategies of energy companies. As an industry leader, NetConnect Digital has a staff of highly trained and experienced experts in today’s most advanced online marketing tools.

    The importance of online presentations for energy companies in today’s highly competitive markets cannot be understated. When state-of-the-art marketing techniques are essential, the value of digital marketing expertise should not be left to chance.

    The NetConnect Digital team is ready to use all the most effective digital marketing tools prescribed for energy companies to maximum advantage. With NetConnect Digital, you get professional consultants assisting with your next digital marketing campaign.

    The More You Know, the Faster Your Digital Marketing Will Grow

    The NetConnect Digital community of customers knows they can rely on NetConnect Digital to refresh and update their digital marketing concepts.

    NetConnect Digital has over a decade of service to a broad range of customers in the energy, commercial, industrial, and small business sectors. Customers are assured of satisfaction and quick response to their needs.

    Energy company website designs need a combination of evergreen content to maintain customer loyalty and infusions of the latest energy news to keep customer interest in the website. NetConnect Digital provides a full complement of website design and content formats to fulfill these needs.

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