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    WooCommerce is fast becoming one of the most popular e-commerce platforms today. Aside from its vast range of features, e-commerce sites built on WooCommerce cost less than the ones developed on other platforms. And if you want to build a stunning, reliable, and fully functioning online store, look no further than NetConnect’s Woocommerce development services.

    NetConnect’s Instant Solutions to Set Up Your Online Store to Sell Quickly.

    As an experienced WooCommerce development company, NetConnect can help businesses build stylish and professional online stores that will attract customers and enable them to quickly sell products and goods. From WooCommerce theme development up to site implementation, we can assist you every step of the way. Our expert WooCommerce designers can help take care of the technical aspects of operating a WooCommerce site so that you can focus on what truly matters selling.

    Features of WooCommerce Store.

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    Best Features of the WooCommerce Store

    Social Login

    WooCommerce Social Login extensions allow customers to log in to their social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linked In, and more for easier and faster checkout. Through this feature, customers can use their preferred social networking site to create an account on an eCommerce site for a convenient checkout experience.


    WooCommerce Multilanguage plugin enables businesses to run multilingual e-commerce sites with WMPL and WordPress. With these features, it’s easy to translate the store pages, products, categories, attributes, fields, and variations to deliver an easy viewing experience for customers. Our WooCommerce custom design service can include this plugin in your store for a superior customer experience.


    WooCommerce Multi-Currency plugin enables users to display prices and access payments in multiple currencies. This feature allows online stores to switch to different currencies and to create a current exchange rate converter in an easy and seamless way.

    Easy Checkout

    The Easy Checkout plugin allows users to add single page checkout form anywhere on the WooCommerce online store. This plugin also gives customers the option to choose to automatically generate usernames and passwords for easy registration as well as enable easy guest checkout for those who do not want to register. With this feature, businesses can simplify the checkout process to enhance the user experience and increase sales.

    Unlimited Products & Categories

    WooCommerce theme design gives business owners complete control of their online stores. Through the Unlimited Products & Categories feature, WooCommerce users can add a number of products, a specific category or tag, display products that are on sale, and more.

    Reviews & Rating

    Customer reviews and ratings are powerful tools for online conversions because they add credibility to a business. With the WooCommerce Reviews and Rating plugin, online stores help encourage their customers to leave authentic product reviews to establish their credibility and increase sales. The product ratings and review plugin show customer feedback directly on the product page, including those with a ‘verified owner’ label.

    Order Management

    The WooCommerce Order Management feature allows online store owners to create, edit, and delete order status. In this way, business owners can view different order statuses such as pending payment, failed, processing, completed, on-hold, canceled, and refunded.

    Advanced Reports

    WooCommerce comes with advanced reports that let online store owners improve their operations and deliver top quality service. Advance Reports enable WooCommerce powered sites to keep track of sales, recent orders, shipping and delivery status, order transactions, top payment gateways, and more.

    SEO Friendly URL

    WooCommerce allows online store owners to have search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, clean permalinks. With this feature, users can remove the /product-category/ and /product/slugs from a WooCommerce URL for an optimized online website.

    Google Analytics

    With the WooCommerce Google Analytics plugin, store owners can easily track the flow of customers or users from the product page and cart, all the way to the checkout. Plus, this feature enables online store owners to learn what channels, including social, email, ads, and search is getting the most traffic.

    Automated Newsletter & Email

    Improve customer interaction, drive brand engagement, and increase the business bottom line with WooCommerce Automated Newsletter and Emails. This feature allows customers to automatically subscribe to an online store’s newsletter. Online store owners can also send notifications to their customer base after they make a purchase or when their orders have been processed.

    Stock Management

    WooCommerce Stock Management makes it possible for owners to edit and manage product and variation stock on one screen. By using the Stock Management plugin, users can filter stock by category, stock manage, stock status, and type as well as sort products by name or stock-keeping unit (SKU).

    Customer Management

    This plugin enables online store owners to view a complete list of registered users and guest users. In this way, online store owners can easily retrieve crucial customer data such as an address, email, registration time, orders, last order date, and more. Our WooCommerce theme design experts can incorporate this in your store for better customer information management.

    Categories Management

    This feature allows users to structure and organize their online stores to optimize the customer experience. Businesses can add and edit product categories, open an existing or new category to help their customer find a way through a plethora of goods offered in the catalog.

    Shipping Methods

    WooCommerce Shipping Methods plugin gives customers the option of local delivery, pickup, or shipping. This feature enables users to keep track of goods, set a flat rate, or define a specific rate for a variety of products. Online store owners also have the capacity to restrict options available for customers based on their location.

    Tax Management

    WooCommerce Tax Management feature enables users to view taxes based on a customer’s shipping address, billing address, or store’s location or base address. This plugin also enables users to quickly and easily manage taxes by automatically calculating state and major country tax rates.

    Invoice Management

    Accelerate invoice processing and approval with the WooCommerce Invoice Management feature. Our WooCommerce developers can incorporate this into your store to streamline invoice processing, helping you to reduce costs and gain greater control over your accounts payable. Our team also offers WooCommerce plugin development services in case you have unique and complex requirements for your store.

    Responsive Themes

    It is time to partner with companies offering responsive website design services and transform your outdated website into a business gem. As they say, once you go responsive, you will never go back.

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