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Digital Marketing for Moving Companies

Digital Marketing for
Moving Companies

Digital Marketing for Moving Companies

These days, when people start thinking about moving to their new apartment or home, they often start their search online. That’s why it’s important to invest in digital marketing for  your moving company.  NetConnect Digital Agency offers consulting services to moving companies looking to generate new leads and customers online.

We can help with every part of the process starting with researching your local market and the competition. We will then help you form a solid digital strategy to set up your marketing  as well as a cohesive plan to execute it.  If you already have something in place, we will help you audit your existing campaigns to locate and resolve any issues to improve on what’s already in place.

We can ensure that your marketing moves in the right direction, we will monitor your campaigns and provide regular updates. We will then use our experts to analyze and expand on the winning campaigns while optimizing your campaigns for the best possible results.









Make your website well-designed



Website design for your moving company is where it all starts. You need a great looking website in order to look professional and convey trust.  While the design of your website is important, other elements like the navigation, ad copy, branding and user experience are all essential.



An important thing that you need to do is to make sure your website is mobile friendly.  Most people looking for local moving companies will be looking for them through their mobile phones.  As a result, your website will need to be optimized for mobile devices since these devices have smaller screens and slower connectivity.


Page speed

A big part of the optimization process is reducing your website’s loading speed. Web development for moving companies needs to focus on creating pages that load quickly and do so without any errors.

Optimize Google
My Business Listing

Optimize Google My Business Listing

The first part of working on your moving company SEO is to optimize your Google My Business listing. Google My Business is a free tool that allows local businesses to manage their profiles across Google. The first step is to claim your Google My Business account through a verification process. Once that is done, you can begin to optimize your profile.

The optimization process can be very tricky. You need to learn how to make the most out of your profile by choosing the right categories, optimizing your business description, including the right media files (photos, videos), and taking advantage of all the unique features that are available. Some of the features include allowing users to send a message to you via text message, enable a booking option, and more.

NAP Rule

The most important thing in your local SEO campaign is your NAP. NAP simply stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. You need to make sure that your NAP information is consistent all over the Internet. Google and the other search engines cross-reference your NAP information to verify that your business listing is legitimate and that there’s only one real address for your business.

NAP is also important because they count towards your citations. Citations are simply mentions of your business across the web. Because citations are a ranking factor for the local search engine results, you want to make sure your NAP is consistent. The more citations you have, the higher you will rank for your target search terms.

SEO for Movers

SEO for moving companies is an important part of the digital marketing strategy. Many people that look for moving companies rely on the search engines to find reputable movers in their area. As a result, an SEO strategy for moving companies is usually focused on optimizing for the local search results.

You want your website on the top of searches related to the areas you serve. For example, if you are based in Los Angeles, your SEO strategy should be focused on targeting search terms like LA movers, LA moving company, moving company in LA, etc. Appearing in the top results allows your business to be found right when your target customers are about to make a buying decision.

Keyword Research & Optimization

Once you have your Google My Business account set up and optimized, and decided on a consistent NAP, you’ll be moving on to the keyword research process. Making sure that you have a good strategy with your keyword research is critical to the success of your Moving Company SEO campaign.

You need to start by figuring out what keywords are best for reaching your customers. You also need to consider which keywords to prioritize. You need to know which short tail keywords to go after and which long tail keywords to go after. Short tail keywords are keywords that are often two to three words and have a lot of competition. Long tail keywords are made up of more words and usually have less competition.

There’s a big difference between these two types of keywords in the level of difficulty required to rank your website in the top search results. They will also have a higher cost per click (CPC) for your pay per click advertising campaigns. That’s why you need a solid SEO strategy that starts from the long tail keywords and works up to the short tail keywords.

Create Quality Content

You will also need to create quality content for your digital marketing plan for your moving company. Content is important because you need to create quality content for your SEO campaign. The search engines evaluate the quality and optimization of your content to help determine its ranking, but it is also important for your target customers. Your customers want to learn more about what’s involved with the moving process.

For example, they will want to learn about general topics like the importance of moving insurance, how to pack fragile items for moving, how long it takes to move out belongings in a small apartment, and more. They will also want information specific to your business. This means you will want to cover topics like what your moving rates are for the location they are moving from and to, what kind of insurance your moving company offers, etc.

Building Backlinks

Aside from local citations, a big part of what determines your rankings is the amount of backlinks you have going to your pages. This means that you will have to go beyond citations if you want to rank in the top positions for the most competitive search terms for your moving business. You need to execute an effective link building campaign for your website.

Due to the fact that Google and the other search engines rank pages, you will need to build links for each of your pages optimized for a specific keyword. The whole link building process can be quite challenging. You’ll need to do a lot of work to get your website mentioned on other sites, covered in the local press, and promoted by your partners.

Increase Organic Traffic and Results

Doing all the right things with your SEO campaign you will be able to increase your organic traffic. This means traffic that will be coming in naturally from the search engines. The traffic will eventually turn into leads and customers if you follow up and interact with the people properly.

Of course, there are other benefits of having high visibility in the search engines. By showing up on multiple search results, you will start to build local brand recognition in your area. Consumers trust the top search results in the search engines. This helps you to establish credibility and trust with visitors before they even become customers.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC for moving company is another way to target your best customers. The most common platforms for pay per click is Google Ads and Bing Ads. The way PPC for moving company works is that you research the keywords you want to target. Then you create an ad, landing page, and determine how much you want to spend every time somebody clicks on your ad (hence the pay per click name).

The big benefit of pay per click advertising is the fact that you can get your ad shown on the top of the search results instantly. You do not have to wait until the positive effects of your SEO campaign starts to kick in. Of course, this does mean that you will need to have a decent budget to work with. While this may cause you some concern, there are many tools to control your ad spend.

For instance, you can control your daily budget to control your costs. You can even choose to run your ads only on specific hours of the day. Then there are other features like using negative keywords (ie. eliminating the word “cheap” in the keyword searches or nearby cities you don’t serve) which help eliminate clicks from undesirable prospects.