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When people are looking for reputable law firms in the area, the first place they usually go to begin that search is online.

As an attorney, you want to ensure that your firm’s name appears as high up on the list of search results as possible when prospective clients conduct a search for your services.

In order to maximize your firm’s online presence, you need attorney digital marketing services that deliver proven, effective results.

Online marketing for attorneys—when done the right way—can propel your firm forward on the fast track to success.

That’s where we come in—NetConnect Digital Agency offers a comprehensive menu of full-service consulting services to law firms looking to generate new leads and customers in the digital landscape.

When we say full-service—we mean it! From start to productive finish, your NetConnect Digital Agency team will not stop until your research-based, data-driven plan is up-and-running, in addition to regular monitoring and updates to keep your campaigns in full force.

As an experienced digital agency, the NetConnect Digital team understands that there is not simply a “one size fits all” approach to curating and executing successful online marketing for law firms.

We understand the importance of designing and implementing campaigns based on your firm’s particular practice and/or area(s) of expertise.

We assure our attorney clients that whether you specialize in estate planning, corporate or criminal law, civil rights, international, real estate, tax law, etc., your campaign will be customized to benefit your unique law offerings and aimed at attracting the appropriate online audience.

The focus will be tailored to your law firm’s practice and aligned with your online marketing goals for a streamlined, efficient approach and results.


Digital Marketing for Law Firms

Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Let’s face it—you need a company you can really trust to take your law firm website marketing to the next level. In order to meet your attorney’s internet marketing goals, we have a toolkit of law firm web marketing strategies designed to deliver the increased visibility and business growth you seek.

  • The first step in our strategy entails analyzing your law firm’s current online presence.
  • Determining where you are in terms of effective lawyer internet marketing helps us to design a customized plan for success.
  • The next step in our law firm marketing strategies involves researching your local market—including the competition.
  • Once these data pieces are in place, we develop a solid digital marketing strategy, as well as a cohesive plan of action.
  • Already have a law firm digital marketing plan in place? No problem. We will help you audit your existing law firm’s internet marketing campaign(s) to locate and resolve any issues, enhancing what you already have for maximum results.
  • Our full-service digital marketing for lawyers doesn’t stop there—our essential services are ongoing.
  • To ensure that your marketing campaign continues moving in an upward trajectory, we will monitor your campaigns and provide regular updates on performance.
  • Our team of experts will work to analyze and expand on the winning campaigns while continuing to optimize the campaigns for the best possible results.
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Advantages of Law Firm Digital Marketing

 Effective online marketing for lawyers boasts a number of profitable benefits. Despite your law firm’s many exemplary qualities, it can seem next to impossible to outshine the competition without a solid online presence.

Research has repeatedly shown that internet users rarely ever go past the first page of search results when conducting an online search for information or services.

  • What does this tell you? If your firm is not appearing at the top of a lengthy list, your business will suffer or remain stagnant without taking the appropriate action—a strong marketing strategy.

Online visibility is key in today’s heavily digital society.

  • Generating new leads, appearing at the top of the list on internet search results, and overall increasing your law firm’s online brand visibility is necessary for meeting and exceeding all of your business goals.
  • Research shows that over 72% of clients contact only one law firm after conducting an initial search. This statistic clearly illustrates the imperative need for a robust, direct online presence for your business—you have to stand apart from the crowd in order to attract, gain, and retain new clients while spreading the word about your firm.
  • To do so, you need the services of a trusted, experienced online marketing agency on your team.

Why Choose Us as Your Law Firm Web Marketing Agency?

With your choice of online marketing for law firms providers to choose from, it is imperative to make your selection wisely.

  • NetConnect Digital Agency, the top name in Pennsylvania, has a proven track record of success, backed by a portfolio full of satisfied clients—our bank of positive reviews speaks for itself!
  • We have built our success—and the success of our clients—by remaining dedicated to guiding each and every client along an individualized path to achieving their business goals.
  • We have thousands of clients across a diverse network of industries. This diversity in clientele and their needs has helped sharpen our skillset and increase our strategies for success over the past 12 years.
  • Our team is comprised of more than 80 digital marketing experts who are ready and waiting to launch or revamp your law firm’s online presence—whatever your needs may be, we will meet you where you are currently and take immediate, forward-thinking action.
  • Your NetConnect Digital team will work tirelessly to analyze, formulate, and execute a surefire plan of action to make your marketing vision a reality.

Let your NetConnect Digital Agency marketing professionals elevate your law firm to the next level of online visibility, business leads, and exponential growth.

Reach out to us today to get started on the next chapter in your law firm’s success story.

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