ADA Compliance

NetConnect Digital Agency – Your Partner on the Path to Full ADA Compliance for websites

What does NetConnect Digital Agency bring to the table?

NetConnect Digital Agency is proud to serve as an industry leader in facilitating 100% ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance, ensuring that your website meets—and exceeds—all regulations.

NetConnect Digital Agency’s spectrum of services facilitates automatic, immediate results for all of our clients and their users with a wide variety of disabilities.

How do we do it? – ADA Compliance on Websites

Through an innovative blend of machine learning and computer vision technologies, accessiBe is able to deliver an unmatched level of world-leading web accessibility technology.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at what is involved in NetConnect Digital Agency’s approach.

Primarily, NetConnect Digital Agency utilizes two applications in order to achieve our goals to create ADA compliance website.

  • Foreground Application—Accessibility Interface: first, the accessibility interface component, necessary for a client’s customized specifications.
    • The personalized approach of NetConnect Digital Agency’s foreground application allows a visually impaired user to adjust the site’s UI (User Interface) design elements to perfectly meet their individual needs.
    • For example, users can adjust aspects like content, color and display, and navigation as needed, adhering to WCAG 2.1 guidelines at both the AA and AAA levels.
  • Background Application—Contextual Understanding Al-powered technology: the second component expertly tackles what is considered to be some of the most complex challenges involved in achieving ADA compliance for a website, including:
    • Optimizations for screen-reader
    • Keyboard navigation
  • Both screen reader and keyboard navigation features for the blind and motor-impaired are truly an innovative accomplishment—prior to this capability, such essential adjustments were only achievable manually, adding an immense amount of work, troubleshooting, and time to the process.
  • Speaking of troubleshooting, NetConnect Digital Agency offers 24/7 maintenance, affording users with round-the-clock access to the most current updates available.

A Collaborative Effort

Without a doubt, a major contributor to our successful technological developments is those differently-abled men and women who have worked alongside NetConnect Digital Agency’s team members since day one.

  • The first stable version of NetConnect Digital Agency’s offerings was the result of a 12-month endeavor, with side-by-side guidance and input from individuals with an array of disabilities—motor and visually impaired, the blind, epileptics, and more.
  • Listening to and learning from those with various disabilities was an invaluable part of the refinement and development process.
  • By working directly with special needs individuals who will be actually accessing these features on a consistent basis, NetConnect Digital Agency was able to polish, perfect, and deliver a truly remarkable platform with ADA  to our clients.

What sets NetConnect Digital Agency apart from the crowd?

NetConnect Digital Agency stands ahead of the competition for the quality product they deliver on a consistent basis. The reason? There are several!

  • Automatic access. NetConnect Digital Agency has one of the only automatic options on the market. When time is of the essence, you can’t beat a company that can have you up-and-running with 100% compliance immediately, 24/7, through machine-learning integration.
  • Cost counts—and NetConnect Digital Agency knows the importance of making financially sound decisions. Why waste a large sum of money for a tedious, months-long process when you can have NetConnect Digital Agency’s automatic services at a fraction of the cost?
  • Design While the competition has certain restrictions and specifications to work around, NetConnect Digital Agency lets you design your website however you choose, allowing users to tailor all visual aspects to their unique needs.

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