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    Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

    Did you know that over 80% of internet users engage in at least some social media platform? Now more than ever, social media is a constant source of information in our daily lives.

    Savvy businesses have taken advantage of social media’s prevalence and leveraged that power to their benefit—including lawyers. If you’re wondering whether social media for law firms is necessary, the short answer is yes.

    People spend so much of their time on social media platforms, whether it’s for social, marketing, educational/research reasons, or to procure a good or service. For a lawyer, social media marketing is a crucial step on the pathway to achieving maximum success. Establishing a solid attorney social media marketing presence is a way to boost your business even further while reaching a virtually endless number of potential clients.

    The reasons people seek legal services are as widely varied as the fields of law practice themselves. Law firms with the best social media presence are the ones that attract and retain the most traffic to their site, and, in turn, the newest business leads.

    Social media marketing for attorneys is necessary for today’s increasingly digital landscape, where various platforms have a mass appeal and span virtually all demographics.

    Social Media Marketing for Attorneys

    Social media for law firms is particularly essential due to the need for immediacy of information most situations require.

    Why Should Lawyers Embrace Social Media Marketing?

    Lawyers should consider social media marketing as the most modern—and albeit most increasingly effective—way to enhance their brand awareness.

    Building a Social Media Strategy for Law Firms

    NCDA excels in serving as the social media manager for law firms across Pennsylvania as well as the entire country.

    Facebook Advertising for Law Firms

    In addition to social media management, NCDA also provides excellent social media advertising services to our clients.

    Let the trusted team at NetConnect Digital Agency, the premier marketing partner in Pennsylvania, take your brand’s social media marketing campaign to greater heights.

    We can start by providing you with a free initial audit of your law firm’s current statistics. It’s time to get the results you want—and we’re here to help.

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