Case Study

Law Marketing

NetConnect Digital Marketing collaborated with a law firm based in Virginia. Below is a brief account of how we assisted them in increasing their leads.

The Challenge

The client is a leading law firm based in Virginia, a company that has built a reputation by providing comprehensive legal assistance to its clients. However, despite having a digital presence, their ad campaigns had a high cost per lead, thus failing to deliver the return on investment they needed. They wanted to leverage the paid campaigns efficiently and for this, they were seeking a digital marketing expert to improve the performance of the ad campaigns and the overall digital marketing strategies.

Program Implementation

NetConnect took an integrated approach to assist the firm to meet its PPC goals. We started with a rigorous assessment of the current situation and created an action plan that consisted of the following steps:

Keyword Fine-tuning: A detailed analysis of the keywords was conducted, starting with a study of the existing keywords used by competitors. Using accurate keyword generating tools and intelligent strategies, we were able to replace broadly and vaguely matching keywords with relevant and exact matching keywords. We also made sure that the landing pages also included the relevant keywords.

Multiple Campaigns: Instead of creating a single campaign to advertise all the services in one shot, NetConnect created individual campaigns for each service. Separate campaigns were created for each sub-category of Divorce, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury. Separate landing pages relevant to each service were created to enhance the quality of leads.

Extension Utilization: NetConnect strategically modified the extensions of the ads by analyzing the type of responses received for each type of legal service. For instance, while the inquiries for legal assistance for child custody were primarily made over the telephone whereas the leads for bankruptcy were received through contact form submission. The type of extensions used were:

  • Call extensions – The contact number of the firm was added to the ad. The phone impressions could be tracked and analyzed
  • Site link extensions – These extensions were used to link directly to the service and contact pages.
  • Callout extensions – The extension helped to highlight the company services and its unique selling points.

The Result

As the number of quality leads increased, the cost per leads decreased remarkably. The maximum number of leads received were for child custody, family law, and divorce followed by bankruptcy, personal injury, and criminal defense.

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