Case Study

Digital Marketing and Advertising

NetConnect associated with a creative agency specializing in digital marketing and advertising.

Challenges they faced

Unable to find the right technology – They sought the advice of their friends, freelancers and former colleagues, and depended on the analytic data of these reports. They ended up receiving an overwhelming number of solutions, which made the decision-making process difficult. Unable to cater to the demands of an international audience – They could not figure out a way to market an international audience while optimizing the strategies for different countries. The talent hunt – Digital Marketing involves a team of professionals having different skills and includes tasks like content writing, video production, creating infographics and brochures, implementing SEO strategies and much more. Training the staff to fine-tune their skills was challenging. Moreover, the technologies kept evolving at a rapid pace.

How we helped them

We collaborated with the client as a white label provider offering digital marketing services. We started our process with the signing of an extensive Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to maintain our anonymity while providing digital marketing services, which were then resold under the client’s company and brand.


We provided digital marketing services that understand user needs, make use of the latest technologies and create marketing strategies that deliver ROI. We offered content development services, created rich media ads, crafted microsites and landing pages, in addition to email campaigns, video production and analytical services for the client’s customers. We acted as an extension of our client’s company and crafted excellent promotion marketing strategies that engaged the client with customers across multiple channels. We also offered our client a wide array of SEO services that included improving the customers’ website visibility in search engines results by optimizing, PPC marketing, landing page creation, ads and keywords optimization, inbound linking strategy and reporting and analytics. We leveraged the marketing power of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat and more to keep the client’s audience engaged and interested with their business.


  • The client could expand the range of digital marketing offerings for their client while keeping the production cost low.
  • Our services spared our client from the cost of hiring and training staff with the necessary skills, as well as the cost of developing any marketing products.
  • We were able to provide our client with refined products, thanks to our expert team having diverse skills and experience.
  • We relived the client from the pressure of crafting every service from scratch. All they had to do was just rebrand the product.

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