Case Study

App Development

The client is a leading creative digital marketing agency creating business development solutions for organizations of all sizes. We have assisted this client in providing an array of digital marketing services. This case examines how we helped our client deliver robust app design and development service to their customers.

The challenges they faced

Lack of proper skillset: The mobile development staff did not have the skills to tackle all the needs of this process across all the platforms and devices.

The issue of scalability: The team was unable to keep up with the updating process, variations and scalability as the scope of the customer’s project expanded.

High starting costs: The process of setting up infrastructure, obtaining certificates and licenses, and the additional cost of hiring external consultants did not balance with the returns.

The Solution

The client approached White Label service provider, Netconnect Web, to provide expert mobile app development services. We kick-started the process by signing an extensive Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to maintain our anonymity in this process. The client was then free to rebrand our service as their own. In other words, we acted as an extension of our client.

The Process

  • Concept and Strategy: The process began by understanding the customers’ business requirements and functions while studying the market opportunity, competitive analysis, assessing costs and timing, optimizing budget, schedule and collecting user feedback on behalf of our client.
  • Experience Design: We created an engaging visual and user experience, advanced logics, API support, and usability by creating detailed wireframes for every function of the app. We made sure that branding met user expectations.
  • Development: A team of front-end and backend developers created efficient annotated code using the best technology across all platforms after building the architecture of the app. We worked in an agile manner to build, iterate, test and launch mobile products for our client’s customers.
  • Maintenance: We also assisted the client with application lifecycle management (ALM) for their customers and included 24/7 monitoring and maintenance support, to assure that the app continued to work the way the customers wanted.


Lowered Costs – We could spare the client from spending, hiring and maintaining the right staff and infrastructure for their app development services.

Quality and Expertise Skills – The client got access to a team of skilled professionals who could deliver outstanding mobile products for their customers.

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