Case Study

Moving Company in St. Louis

The client is a leading moving company in St. Louis that offers local, long distance, interstate, and international moving services. The company has approached us with the requirement of 150 leads per month with a budget of $12,000. Their current digital marketing firm delivers leads for a CPA of $120 and the client would like to reduce the CPA value to $80.

The Challenges

The client, a moving company, faces fierce competition in a very crowded market.

After reviewing the client’s Google Ads campaign, we noticed they were bidding on many generic and broad terms. The campaign also lacked negative keywords, and the ads and landing pages had no proper call-to-actions, site link extensions, etc. The CPC was high because they were bidding on broad terms and money was wasted for keywords such as U-Haul, moving quotes, and so on.


We conducted market research, looked at their competitors, and leveraged their USPs, taking the following actions:

  • Created new ad copy based on what competitors were using to generate leads
  • Created new landing pages for each of the client’s services and grouped the campaigns based on service
  • Created 3 campaigns for non-working hours, working hours, and call-only campaigns
  • Added all extensions including GMB location
  • Implemented conversion tracking for calls and forms across the landing pages
  • Reworked on the keywords, created an initial set of negative keywords, and applied them to the campaigns
  • Continuous search term review to filter out additional negative keywords, which prevented irrelevant searches
  • With continuous optimization of the campaign, we were able to achieve the CPA expected by the client


  • In the first month, we generated 130 leads. Over the next 3 months, we generated more leads and the results exceeded the client’s expectations.
  • We recorded calls with the client using CallRail, which makes it easy to check them for quality.
  • We identified the days of the week and times of day that generate more leads, allowing us to increase their budget during those times to improve the conversion rate.
  • We were able to generate quality leads at a CPA of around $40 during the peak summer season, and a slightly higher CPA during the winter season.

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