White Label Digital Marketing – Complete Agency Guide

Published In : 21-August-2018

Most of us have come across the term White Label marketing but may not be sure about what it means. Let us begin by understanding what the term “white label” implies.

What is White Label?

White labeling is when the brand or logo is removed from a product and is branded as per the request of the purchaser. It is basically the rebranding of products by marketers to make it seem like they have made it. The concept of white labeling is mostly used for generic products that are mass-produced such as electronic products, software packages, etc. However, it is not limited to products alone, white label is also used in the service industry. White label branding is utilized by websites of successful brands to offer services without investing in technology and infrastructure for it. White labeling is beneficial to both. The producer who offers goods for white labeling experiences better sales and the company rebranding the white label gains because it can add more products or services to its brand without investing in additional resources. On the flip side, some producers of white label products may not maintain the same standards as the original brand.

Now that we have an idea of what white label is, let us delve into the concept of white label digital marketing. White labeling is when you purchase the services of a white label company and offer them to customers under your brand name. White label digital marketing includes services such as SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM, and ORM.

How is white label digital marketing done?

The step by step process for white label digital marketing includes:

Step 1: Research your product/service to have an in-depth knowledge of it.

Step 2: Analysis of your current website.

Step 3: Competitor Analysis.

Step 4: Implement changes in the website based on competitor analysis.

Step 5: The work plan is decided.

Step 6: After this, you will need to research relevant websites for your niche.

Step 7: Check the relevant social media and paid platforms.

Step 8: Implement changes on the website according to On-page SEO suggestions. These are the changes in content, SEO, SMO, SMM.

Step 9: Set up Social media accounts on relevant platforms.

Step 10: Off-page SEO strategies such as Facebook Ads, PPC, social media ads are implemented.

Why should you choose white label marketing?

It is difficult for an organization to have in-house resources that have expertise in all areas of marketing. White label marketing helps to overcome this drawback and offers the services of experienced professionals in different areas such as SEO, PPC, Content, etc.

what is a white label

White label marketing services offer you the following benefits:

Reduce your expenses

Hiring the right professionals for digital marketing is a daunting task. You do not need to initiate a job search to hire your own experts and support their full-time salaries and benefits.

Save your time

It takes time to recruit the right professionals and turn them into a productive team. By using white label digital marketing services, you save time by not recruiting and managing newly hired professionals. You get down to directing and working on your project immediately.

Services of experts

Companies that offer white label services have qualified and experienced professionals. They have wide portfolios of work and can offer you accurate estimates of production costs based on experience. You can count on expert services for your enterprise with predictable costs – all without compromising quality.

Customer Satisfaction

You can keep your customers satisfied by providing quality output even during peak demand periods. If you use white label services, you will be able to always assure your clients of completing their tasks even if you do not have in-house resources. This encourages confidence and loyalty in your customers.

Enhance your returns

By using white label services, you are attaching your brand name to the service. This enriches your portfolio which attracts more clients. And, this leads to higher profits.

What are the constituents of White label Marketing?

White label marketing includes:

White label PPC Services

White label PPC is when B2B companies buy, rebrand, and resell an advertising campaign as their own.

White label PPC service providers sell PPC campaigns to their clients. These campaigns are managed for the client under the agency brand.

Let us see how it works:

Step 1: A white label service provider sells white label PPC services to Company A to resell.

Step 2: Company A rebrands the PPC services with its own logo and sells it to its client, Company B

Step 3: The white-label service provider completes the PPC requirements of Company B under the brand of Company A.

In this manner, Company A is able to provide expert PPC services to Company B.

White Label SEO Services

White label SEO is when a white label service provider takes care of the SEO needs of your client under your brand.

White label SEO services include the following stages:

  • After the inception of the project, detailed keyword research is done for the client site.
  • This is followed by an SEO audit.
  • The next stage is On-page activities.
  • Next, come the off-page activities.
  • Following this is the monitoring of the site and reporting.

However, while choosing a white label SEO service provider care should be taken to ensure that the company follows only white hat SEO techniques.

White Label Social Media

White label social media implies reselling social media marketing solutions under your brand. You will be able to use your logo, name, colors, and price for the product.

A white label social media service provider allocates a dedicated social media manager to take care of all the social media management needs of your clients. They develop a social media strategy according to the niche of the client’s business.

White Label Social Media Marketing Entails:

  • Creation of social media content
  • Managed posting
  • Re-branding social media management products

White label social media strategies are effective as they are created by experts in the field. And, you get the benefit of offering quality services to your client under your brand.

White Label Reputation Management

White-label reputation management is when white label service providers create certain reputation management products and services that are sold to a client. The client rebrands these products/services and sells them to his clients.

A white label reputation management product could be software built to monitor and manage the online reputation of the business. Conversely, it could be a service such as a review response provided by the white label company.

White Label Reputation Management Software

It is a platform or an App that enables your clients to manage their reputation, respond to their own reviews, and take responsibility for their review scores.

Rebranded Reputation Management Service

In this case, the white label service provider manages the reputation of your client through review responses, etc. under your brand name.

White Label Digital Marketing Support

White label digital marketing support implies sales support to close a client. They prepare the white label proposals, pre-sales research reports, and arrange client meetings. White label service providers align their services with agency sales and operations cycles. They support you at various stages of the agency growth cycle so that you gain more clients and service them efficiently.

The pre-sales support services include analyzing the digital presence of your client and preparing proposals.

White label companies support you at the early stages of onboarding your client.

Ongoing support services include the services of experts for various aspects of your client’s business.

NetConnectDigital is a leading digital agency in America. It works with a vision to provide quality white label digital marketing services to small and mid-size businesses to enable to enhance their ROI. We do it by designing, developing, and managing customized digital solutions for our clients.

Our complete digital campaign includes:

  • A white label social media campaign that is aligned with your client’s strategy and attracts traffic to your site.
  • A reputation management strategy that enhances the rank of your client and strengthens your brand
  • White label SEO service which follows only white hat SEO strategies to improve the ranking of your client.
  • White label PPC strategies with well-researched keywords and genuine ROI.

Why choose us?

  • Over 10 years of experience in providing white-label digital marketing services.
  • We assure our clients of increased sales and better ROI.
  • We are a Google Partner Agency.
  • We are a Hubspot Inbound Certified company.
  • We have provided white label services to a wide variety of clients. Some of our top clients are, Iguacu, Primopup, Infosys associates, etc.
  • We ensure delivery as per your business needs.


White label digital marketing is the marketing technique for the future. By opting for white label digital marketing services, you will no longer need to hire experts in various fields. Since specialization is the demand of the times, by utilizing white label digital marketing services you will be able to avail of the services of experts without increasing your infrastructure or training costs. You will be able to provide your customers with quality services and your brand stands to benefit. Hire NetConnectDigital, a leading white-label service provider for the best ROI for your business.

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