White Label SEO: An Agency Guide

Published In : 22-November-2017

Let us find out first a simple and detailed description of what White Label SEO is:

White labeling is when a company provides a service or product and sells it to another company at a discounted price and in turn the company who bought the service or product can brand or brand it and turn it into a profit. It is the process of purchasing a label and rebranded service or product, and then re-selling it under the reseller’s brand name to the end user. White label businesses create a product or service so that it can be rebranded by an agency so that you, in turn, can re-sell it as your own product to small and medium sized business.

Example of white label services:

1. Company A, a white label digital agency service provider, sells their white label digital agency services to company B, an agency, to re-sell.

2. Company B then rebrands the services with their own logo and sells it to company C, the end consumer.

3. Team from company A fulfills the digital services company C purchased from company B under company B’s brand.

Example of white label goods:

1. Company D, a white label goods provider, sells their white label goods to company E, a retailer, to re-sell.

2. Company E then rebrands the goods with their own logo and sells it to Bob, the end consumer.

There are a number of major questions that small agencies have as they start to look into the Outsourcing SEO like: How the outsourcing set up work? How do you handle different customer requests? How can it be beneficial for the agency? And so on.

How will the outsourcing arrangement work?

An important success factor in outsourcing is having an agency with a team who has open communication, well planned processes and very coordinated. Teamwork shows the unity of the people who are in sync on meeting deadlines, deliverables, and outsourcing arrangement.

As you look around for possible agencies to partner with, ensure that you are able to evaluate how organized they are around workflow. Find out if they have a centralized system that tracks all activities and able to meet deadlines and accountable parties. Deliverables must be extremely clear. Cost presented to you must be consistent and you are able to understand each pricing item. You have to know how the agency tracks the teams who are unable to meet due submissions. Discussion and open communication with the possible partner is vital. With this, you will be able to weigh the seriousness and dedication the agency has to complete the tasks involved in your partnership.

How will I handle special customer requests and do I lose control when I outsource to an SEO reseller?

If it is your agencies first time to outsource, it is extremely important to select the right agency partner to particularly cover special requests of your customer. Each customer is unique and have different requests and needs but all desire good outcome to get their moneys worth. Being responsive to the clients needs and being able to provide them satisfaction will get you strong customer relations, reviews, and possible repeat business.

An open discussion with your agency partner on how they handle special requests from clients is crucial. If the communication is strong and streamlined communication is in place, then the agency partner is able to respond in a timely fashion. Learning about the average turnaround time for a customer requests and reply will give you an idea on the responsiveness to an action of the team handling your account. As agencies look outsource search engine optimization they should find a team that is extremely responsive and is interested in their feedback. Teams with this orientation do not make you feel out of control, but the opposite. A good working relationship with a white label SEO firm will mean that you are in very frequent communication and you feel able to make decisions about customer deliverables and anytime. These are some guidelines you can use to evaluate what White Label SEO platform you want to work with.

Will I still be able to grow my business if I partner with an SEO firm and will this be the right decision for the company?

There are a number of small agencies whose aim is to grow their revenue. The SEO industry has a big room for growth therefore offering a unique opportunity to build the business in an exciting new space.

Demand for search engine marketing remains high. The general forecast is that there is a continuous growth in the industry. The agency should focus on sales and marketing and outsourcing the back office delivery work to a possible partner firm to do the White Labeling. The use of this guide finding the right partner can be the first step.

It is important that your agency layout the cards on the table on how the partner firm will help you grow. Present your marketing plan the the white label SEO firm for them to assist your digital footprint and be able to help you gain clients. The openness of the partner will bring your agency ideas and case studies and advice as a guide for growth.

Only you will know if outsourcing is really the right decision for your agency. Many agencies have discovered the possible contribution of growth when partnering with the right white label SEO firm. Due diligence in the selection process is absolutely critical in this journey.

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