How a White Label Company Can Help Grow Your SEO Business

Published In : 30-July-2019

Whether you’re an SEO service provider or looking to add SEO to your list of service offerings, you’re probably facing the challenges of growing your business with limited resources. It becomes difficult to take on new clients, scale existing SEO campaigns, and offer services that you don’t exactly excel at. This is where a white label SEO company comes in. What exactly is a white label company and what can they do for you?

How White Label Services Work

A white label company is basically a company that will offer search engine optimization services for your clients. However, the white label company acts as an extension of your company. You get access to your clients’ campaigns, everything is branded to your company, and you ultimately keep the clients. The white label company represents you and your clients will never know another company is behind their SEO campaigns.

This is the perfect way to grow your business if you’re trying to scale your company but don’t have the resources to do it. Maybe you don’t have the time to service additional clients but you need the extra revenue to grow your business. You may offer other digital marketing services but may not have much expertise in search engine optimization. You may be working on other parts of your business and not have the manpower to deliver on SEO services.

Whatever the case is, it’s a win-win situation for both parties. You get to retain your clients, keep your brand identity, and increase revenue. The white label company profits from new clients.

5 Reasons Why a White Label SEO Service is a Good Idea

1. It Lets You Focus on Your Expertise

Instead of spreading yourself thin, it’s often a better idea to focus on your core competencies. This is especially the case if your company has a reputation for being the best at a particular service. So if your company excels in services like social media, email marketing, display advertising, and/or web design, you want to make sure you don’t take away from these services.

With a white label company, you can add another expertise without making any sacrifices. You can feel confident knowing that your clients will be getting a level of SEO service that’s comparable to your core competencies. As a result, you can move towards becoming a full service agency without having to invest in developing an SEO department.

2. Scale Without Hiring and Training New Employees

Even if you have aspirations to offer SEO services yourself, it’s not an easy or cheap process. You have to put in a lot of time into hiring the right employees and training them properly. In many cases, you will have to go through multiple employees to find the ones that really understand SEO and deliver an excellent service for your clients. It also costs a lot of money to hire, train, and manage an SEO team.

That’s not all. You also need to create the right protocols, systems, platforms, resources, and integrations for SEO. This takes a lot of trial and error to figure out. A white label company has everything already in place. They are already experts in SEO, so it will be pretty much plug and play for them when a new client comes in. They also have an expert team that has received all the right training to build a successful campaign.

3. Deliver on the Needs of Your Clients

If your existing clients are satisfied with your services but want to expand into SEO, what will you do if you cannot meet their needs? In a lot ofcases, companies simply have to tell their clients that they do not offer SEO services. Naturally, clients will look elsewhere and start working with a provider that does offer SEO services. If you offer an excellent service, they’ll likely stay with you for the services you do offer.

However, there’s always the chance of your clients switching service providers altogether. With a white label company by your side, you can meet the needs of your clients. You can help them grow their business with SEO without any operational issues. This reinforces clientele loyalty, and you can be confident about your clients staying with you for the long term.

4. Develop Your Business in an Optimal Way

You may be facing a situation where you’re currently developing another aspect of your business. You also want to develop your SEO department, but you don’t have the resources to do both. By working with a white label company, you can get the best of both worlds. You can continue developing your business in the direction you’ve been going while also offering the SEO services your clients need.

You don’t have to make any compromises with your business development. You’ll also be able to scale your business faster due to the additional revenue generated by offering SEO services. In fact, offering SEO services may lead to more opportunities for your business. It’ll start bringing new SEO focused clients into your funnel so that you can sell your other services.

5. Ability to Target New Clients

Adding SEO to your list of services also means that you’ll be able to target new clients. For example, many local businesses know they need SEO to get their small business websites on the top results for targeted local search terms. There are also clients that will want one company to manage their SEO, social media, content marketing, and reputation management since these strategies synergize together.

This means you’ll be able to extend your marketing campaigns to new audiences, secure more high value clients, and diversify your business. It also means that you’re able to stay competitive with other service providers and agencies that are catering to audiences that you previously weren’t able to service. Basically, you’re giving your business an advantage it didn’t have before.

To sum up, a white label company is the perfect way to grow your SEO business or digital marketing agency. Again, a good white label company will offer you confidentiality, full ownership of your clients, full access to client campaigns, and a branded service. Some will even work closely with clients that want a full digital marketing service where all channels are integrated. A white label services offers many benefits and advantages that you will want to leverage for your business.

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