10 Best Search Engines You Can Use Instead of Google

Published In : 10-December-2020

Do you ever find yourself growing weary of using the same search engine? Undoubtedly, Google is often thought of as the most commonly utilized portal for searching for information on any number of topics.

Google is, after all, easily the most recognizable name that instantly comes to most internet users’ minds. Studies show that the most well-known search engine claims an 87% market share. However, there are a variety of other search engines besides Google that you can use with equally impressive results, resources, promises of privacy, and specialized tools of the trade.

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), business owners’ goal is to appear as high up in a consumer’s search results as possible in order to drive business to their site, convert visitors to customers, and more. Successful SEO implementation is often necessary for increasing brand recognition and improving sales.

Looking to shake up your search results and boost your company’s online presence

are you looking for alternative search engines other than google ? Here is some of the best search engines you can use instead of google. NetConnect Digital Agencys top 10 google alternative search engines:

Alternative Search Engines To Google

Here are some of the best search engines other than Google :

  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex
  • CC Search
  • Swisscows
  • DuckDuckGo
  • StartPage
  • Search Encrypt
  • Gibiru
  • OneSearch

10 Best Search engines other than Google

Let’s review these google alternative search engines in detail:

#1 Bing

  • Microsoft-owned Bing is a stellar search engine to contend with.
  • Some of the perks of using Bing include their popular rewards program. Consumers can earn points while browsing, and the points can be redeemed at either the Microsoft or Windows stores.
  • Bing’s image and video search options are also thought to deliver cleaner, more intuitive, and comprehensive results than the competition’s.

#2 Yahoo

  • One benefit of using Yahoo over Google is the ease of composing an email from the main page’s search box.
  • Yahoo users also enjoy the specific search results that are more readily and easily obtained by putting a search term in brackets.
  • Users looking for results that contain certain words or terms are able to find what they’re looking for more quickly than through other popular or commonly-used search engines.
  • Yahoo’s search box also allows users the option of searching other websites from that box itself, making switching tabs or visiting other search engines unnecessary.

#3 Yandex

  • Yandex is a user-friendly search engine option that’s already pretty popular in Russia—a reported 45% of consumers are Yandex users. Internet users in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Ukraine also utilize Yandex.
  • Yandex is also a popular pick due to the suite of unique tools and features it offers, including resources for designing projects, tracking site analytics, maps, and more.

#4 CC Search

  • CC Search’s main claim to fame is its vast library of copyright-free content.
  • Users who wish to use videos, images, or other content without infringing on copyright laws enjoy the array of materials at their disposal.
  • How does CC Search provide this coveted content? They filter material from sites such as Wikimedia, Soundcloud, and Flickr. CC Search then labels the resources as “Creative Commons” for visitors to browse and use at their discretion.

#5 Swisscows

  • Privacy is a major benefit of using Swisscows.
  • Users’ personal information and searches won’t be tracked or saved.
  • Those who value discretion in their browsing history and personal data will flock to a search engine like Swiss cows.
  • Filter settings are also available to prevent inappropriate content from being displayed to users.

#6 DuckDuckGo

  • DuckDuckGo is another resource known for privacy protection, also offering users the ability to search and enter personal information in peace.
  • No targeted ads will be derived from a user’s search or browsing history.
  • This search engine also offers one-page search results, keeping the user from feeling overwhelmed with an overload of pages and pages of results to comb through.

#7 StartPage

  • When you search for something on StartPage, you’ll get the same search results as found on Google, but with one key difference—your private information won’t be stored or collected. Cookies are also not collected.
  • Other benefits of using StartPage for internet searches include the URL generator, proxy service, and HTTPS support for users.

#8 Search Encrypt

  • If privacy is of extreme importance to an internet user, Search Encrypt probably provides the most preferred experience.
  • Searches and browsing history remain completely private due to the implementation of local encryption (hence the name of the search engine itself).
  • How does it work? Through a blend of encryption methods that incorporates both Secure Sockets Layer encryption and AES-256 encryption.
  • Words, terms, or phrases that are entered into the Search Encrypt search bar eventually expire as well, providing an added layer of privacy protection, particularly in the event that someone other than the main user has access to their computer or device.

#9 Gibiru

  • Gibiru’s self-touted claim to fame is being the top choice for patriotic citizens. According to their site, “Gibiru is the preferred Search Engine for Patriots.”
  • They don’t track cookies, either, which leads to their claim of producing speedier results than “NSA Search Engines.”
  • Essentially, Gibiru states that their search results are a product of a modified Google algorithm, allowing users to get the results they want by sidestepping Google’s tracking software.

#10 OneSearch

  • OneSearch was launched by Verizon Media in January 2020, with the primary focus promising—you guessed it—privacy.
  • Verizon hopped on the popular notion that more and more consumers are aware of data and information stored that is common among more well-known search engines, and they are looking for something new and different.
  • OneSearch users can forget worrying about cookie tracking, retargeting, or personal profiling.
  • No personal data is shared with OneSearch’s users.
  • No search history is stored here, either.

The bottom line? Purveyors of privacy value discretion during their online browsing, searching and purchasing. Companies, businesses, and brands of all sectors would be wise to implement advertising and/or marketing campaigns on these up-and-coming search engines, instead of focusing solely on Google when seeking success.


what are the top 10 search engines? , alternative search engines to google , alternative search engines etc are some of the most searched queries. This article has the answer. Here are some of the best search engines alternative to google search engine.

Alternative search engine to google

The other search engines besides google which can be used as alternative search engine are listed below.

    • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex
  • CC Search
  • Swisscows
  • DuckDuckGo
  • StartPage
  • Search Encrypt
  • Gibiru
  • OneSearch

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