Why You Shouldn’t Stop SEM Efforts (SEO and PPC) During COVID-19

Published In : 23-April-2020


The global pandemic known as COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is affecting nearly all elements of life all over the planet. As the world market suffers from the impact of this virus, businesses are changing tactics in an attempt to save cash and prepare for the worst.

But businesses can flourish in downtimes. There will be business winners and losers in the new global market. Most of the winners will have invested massively in search engine marketing (SEM).

Here are some of the reasons why you should continue SEM efforts—using search engine optimization (SEO) and/or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising—during these difficult times.

Stay at the Forefront of Google Trends

With widespread stay-at-home orders, most people are online even more than usual. Keep an eye on Google Trends to identify what people are searching for in your industry. If you are able to stay on top of this data and start to understand trends related to your business, you can start crafting content about those topics. When business gets back to normal, you’ll be ready. Your content will be live, providing a useful resource.

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Search Engine Marketing Can Produce Cash

SEM produces a better return on investment than any other marketing technique. SEM— both SEO and PPC—reaches the customer when they are in need. And people still require merchandise and services, especially during self-quarantine.

People are spending more time online searching than ever before; everyone has a lot of time to waste 😅

SEM generates sales and steers web traffic, connecting the customer with your brand when they are looking for your product or service. By setting your brand in front of searchers, your brand will be the first thing that comes to mind when it’s time to buy.

Likewise, if overall sales of your goods or services decrease due to COVID-19, you can neutralize some of your losses by spending time and money on a comprehensive SEO and PPC program that shows your goods or services to those that are still shopping.

Search Is Measurable

What do you do if you’ve been marketing to the top of the “funnel” but are experiencing a budget crunch? You move your efforts to consumers with more immediate buying intent. That’s exactly what SEM does. You can determine whether you are successful because unlike the usual branding efforts, it’s easy to see if SEM is effective. You get results for every penny you spend and can quickly see how the investment works for your business.


When There Is Scarcity, People Search

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some goods are hard to find. (Remember the rush on toilet paper and hand sanitizer?) When there is scarcity of goods in brick-and-mortar stores, customers turn to online shopping. If your business turns up in search results, people will get your products or services.

The scarcity of current goods and services may continue into the near future. So, it’s wise to assume that your products or services could be the next most-needed thing. Start marketing today and people will be in line to get your service tomorrow. Keep in mind, if the demand for PPC increases, the rate per related keyword will also increase, so it’s better to act now and avoid purchasing SEM services at a higher rate later.

Everyone Still Needs Products and Services

The world is not going to end tomorrow (let’s hope 😁). Humans are still in need of products and services. SEM is the only way to take your products to customers stuck in-home quarantine. SEM isn’t always a quick solution, but you can run SEO and PPC and start seeing results more clearly than with any other form of marketing.

Ultimately, Things Will Get Back to Normal

Everything will get back to normal eventually. It may not be exactly the same as before, but things will stabilize. Businesses that execute efficient SEO and PPC during downtimes will get top rankings when the marketplace gets back to normal. Especially those that invest in SEO. While you can see results from SEO in a short time, the overall effectiveness of SEO doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t be like unwise competitors who halt SEM efforts in impatience.

If you stop your SEO now, all ranking and traffic will slow down. If you stop working on your SEO, you won’t notice any difference immediately but eventually, it will drop and will adversely affect your online presence.

It won’t be easy to get back to your former ranking, which is why it’s crucial to be consistent with SEO at all times.

Similarly, while you may stop working on your SEO, some of your competitors might still keep at it and ultimately beat your rankings. This too will definitely affect your business.

According to many reports, people are searching the internet more than ever—making this the best time for a business to increase its online presence.

SEM may or may not get you sales now. But by setting your brand in front of searchers, your brand will be the first thing that comes to mind when it’s time to buy.

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