The best social media platforms to enhance your sales in 2023

Published In : 21-February-2023

Every one minute you scroll the social media, an ad pops up. What does it say? Social media is no longer just a channel to connect with your friends and acquaintances, instead it has become one of the most influential digital marketing services in the world. Hence, as an entrepreneur, you might be thinking how to utilize this medium in the best way to enhance your sales. As we are about to enter a new year, here are a few guidelines from NetConnect Digital Agency, a prominent digital marketing company that will enable you to identify the most suitable social media platforms, which will enhance your sales in 2023 to achieve your business goals.

Top social media platforms for 2023

Social media marketing is one of the most widely used technique among various digital marketing services. Every leading digital marketing company offers SMM as a major service to their clients. Although, there are over a hundred social media platforms that are common among internet users and the number is on a gradual increase, these are the most popular among them that can help you in marketing your business and improve sales considerably.

Facebook – Facebook remains on the top of the list in popularity and the number of monthly active users. It is also the platform that is most widely used for digital marketing services. Whatever be your goal – brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, or online conversion – Facebook can be the ideal platform to achieve all your goals. Facebook helps you to create your own business page through which you can connect with customers seamlessly. A digital marketing company or other businesses can market their products and services by means of posters, videos, and infographics on their business page. These posts can also be promoted through paid ads to targeted customer for better reach and lead generation. As an experienced digital marketing company, NetConnect Digital Agency guarantees our clients the best results through Facebook ads.

YouTube – Videos are becoming one of the greatest sources of information and entertainment globally and this trend has resulted in making YouTube a top-rated social media platform. Due to its immense popularity, businesses and digital marketing companies now consider it as an ideal place to showcase their ads. There are various types of YouTube ads like skippable ads, non-skippable ads, bumper ads, in-feed ads, masthead ads and outstream ads. You can choose the type of ad based on your marketing goals. Whatever be your goal, our digital marketing services at NetConnect Digital Agency are aimed to create unfailing results for our customers.

Instagram – A platform by Meta that instantly rose to great popularity among the younger generation, has now become one of the best marketing mediums for businesses and organizations. Instagram ads are much like Facebook ads and come in the form of posters, videos, infographics, and carousel ads. It is also used for direct selling of products by small businesses. NetConnect Digital Agency is an esteemed digital marketing company that effectively deals with digital marketing services like Instagram ads for client benefit.

WhatsApp – The marketing possibilities of WhatsApp is being extensively used recently by businesses and digital marketing companies. Although, not as common in marketing as its Meta counterparts, it can have a direct impact on the customers as WhatsApp is a personal and more intimate communication platform than others. It involves a direct and one-to-one communication between the service provider and the customer. The year 2023 will definitely see more advanced forms of WhatsApp marketing. NetConnect Digital Agency can help you in planning effective digital marketing services through WhatsApp.

LinkedIn – Started as a platform to build professional connections, LinkedIn has now become a great marketing platform for businesses, especially those catering to b2b clients. LinkedIn ads are usually displayed as posters and videos that appear in your feed. Every major digital marketing company uses LinkedIn to market job opportunities within the organization to attract the best talents around the globe. Thus, LinkedIn has become an inevitable part of digital marketing services for businesses.

Twitter – A space where you can share your opinion as tweets about any subject – political, economic, social, or cultural – Twitter is well known for its discussions between celebrities, politicians, sports persons, and entrepreneurs. Using Twitter as a digital marketing service is an effective method to build your brand in the shortest time. You may also find your customers through Twitter by effective use of hashtags. No business or digital marketing company can omit Twitter from their social media marketing campaign.

Pinterest – If your business belongs to a creative industry, sell food supplies, or cater to lifestyle products, then Pinterest can be the right platform for you to plan your digital marketing services. Majority of its active users are women and most of them plan their purchases based on referring Pinterest. It has options to do paid ads and tracking online conversions. You can also give organic reach to your posts by strategic use of keywords with the support of a good digital marketing company.

Snapchat – If your product or service is targeted towards a younger generation, then Snapchat is the ideal place for you to do digital marketing services as more than 70% of its users are below the age of 35. It gives prominence to visual content as it is necessary to include a photo or video in your snap. A snap is directly sent to another or shared as a story. There are also options for paid promotion in Snapchat. With the help of a digital marketing company like NetConnect Digital Agency, you can use Snapchat as an aid to boost your business.

Google business – As Google is the largest search engine, having a Google business profile can help you in getting identified by online users while they search for a particular service relating to your industry. Adding your business location, contact information, and working hours in the profile will attract more local customers to your business. It can also be used for local SEO with the guidance of a digital marketing company. This is also one of the best digital marketing services to gain many positive reviews from your favorite customers.

TikTok – A platform that promotes video content, TikTok rose to instant fame among youngsters with 1.2 billion users worldwide. Although, it has fewer options for advertising, TikTok offers great possibilities for digital marketing services like video marketing and influencer marketing. A new platform compared to others like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, TikTok can serve as a powerful marketing platform in 2023, if you have the support of an eminent digital marketing company.

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