Social Media Marketing Trends in 2020

Published In : 03-February-2020

There are no earth-shattering surprises in 2020 social media trends, but in social media marketing, even subtle shifts can make or break a campaign.

What’s the short-term future of social media in 2020?

Video Content Will Dominate

Experts predict that video will account for 82 percent of all content by 2022. You’ll have to incorporate it if you hope to remain relevant.

Mix things up to attract a wider audience:

  • Tutorial videos for entertainment or how-to content
  • Livestream videos for engaging with viewers
  • Informational videos for unique insight on diverse topics
  • Behind-the-scenes videos to show the human side of your business
  • Shareable, user-generated videos for greater exposure

Adoption of Technology Will Be at an All-time High

Consumers demand first-rate experiences, and technologies like augmented and virtual reality deliver.

Facebook, for instance, has raised the bar with its New Horizons. In this virtual world, users can more easily connect, play games and watch movies. Instagram and Snapchat are enhancing visual content with augmented reality.

No list of top social media trends today would be complete without VR and AR.

Influencer Marketing Will Continue to Soar

In social media marketing trends, 2020 may go down as the Year of the Authentic Influencer.

Consumers get more sophisticated every day. They see right through celebrity “power” influencers who get paid to endorse brands they’ve most likely never used.

Smart business owners will partner with a few trustworthy niche influencers. Outstanding employees also make good thought leaders.

Local Targeting Will Become More Prevalent

Increased focus on local targeting is among the latest social media trends.

In 2020, consider adding more geotags to your content. Since most platforms offer the option of searching by specific location, helping your target audience find you have never been easier. It works the other way too — you can target users and locations for your posts and ads.

Social Media as Customer Service Is on the Rise

What was once a convenient consequence of social media marketing is now a necessity. Leveraging these channels to demonstrate timely customer care is now part of basic brand management.

More than 40 percent of consumers who reach out to businesses on social media expect a response within the hour. You can provide 24/7 service if you round out your customer support team with Chabot technology. It’s ideal for fielding common questions, editing customer profiles and much more.

Social Media Audience Segmentation Continues to Trend

The best social media management agencies will tell you that traffic won’t help if it’s not highly targeted traffic. They’ll also tell you that demographics don’t go far enough for effective PPC in 2020.

Strategically segment target audiences into even smaller groups of individuals that share certain preferences, shopping habits or even quirks. You can then more finely tailor your content to them. You can build thriving communities around your brand. Subsequent likes and shares will grow your social media presence.

Again, there’s nothing revolutionary here, but even subtly changing trends call for tweaking your campaign

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