Digital Marketing Tutorial: What is Digital Marketing?

Published In : 13-July-2020

Across the globe, people are using the internet more and more. In fact, North Americans spend an average of over 2 hours per day just on social media. And 11 people around the world use social media for the first time, every second.

The content being posted online is being devoured by hungry audiences the world over. Digital Marketing is thriving and as a business owner or entrepreneur, you’ll want a piece of the action. This digital marketing tutorial will help you get the basics of digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Marketing is making connections with your audience but the timing and placement of that connection are important. Being in the right place to interact at the right time is a key factor of success in marketing.

Digital marketing is simply any marketing done online through the use of the various mediums available and therefore, allowing your business to connect with potential customers at any and all times.

Digital marketing is the utilization of different online tools to leverage awareness and conversion of customer contact into an actionable sale.  It is marketing that exists online and provides customers easy access to shopping, travel arrangements, comparison of products and services, and all without the need of leaving their home if they choose not to.

You will have seen its presence through your various electronic devices such as your PC, tablet, or phone. Anytime you access the internet, use a search engine, visit social media pages, send an email or simply go to a website you have likely been made an offer of some sort.

Examples of Digital Marketing

Facebook and Google both offer digital marketing services in the form of “Ads” which use a strategy of marketing called PPC, or Pay Per Click. Essentially, each time a person clicks on the ad to view its content, the Ad provider charges the business for the click.  PPC is a good way to generate traffic to your website and potentially increase your ROI (Return on Investment).

There are options for Paid Search Ads, where a business pays to have its ad placed in a high-ranking position. You will have seen this when using a search engine, such as Google,  the word “Ad” appears next to the top, paid for listings, when your search results are found.

Then you have SEO, Search Engine Optimization. This does just what it says on the tin. Optimization of searches for your product or service.

SEO employs the use of Keywords and Keyword Phrases to enhance search results through the use of search engine algorithms and directories based on words and phrases that are most searched for on the web.

Alongside SEO we have another acronym called CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimization. This is a method of raising your conversion rates by compelling visitors to visit your site to take specific actions like buying or subscribing. A straightforward Call To Action button or CTA is one example of this. Another would be a lead flow. Pop-ups are an example of lead flows.

Other examples of Digital Marketing include email campaigns, content marketing such as blogs, Native Advertising which could be an ad in the form of an article or infographic designed specifically to persuade a visitor to take an action.

Of course, another effective avenue of digital marketing is called Affiliate Marketing. A company offers incentives to third parties to promote its product or service. It may be monetary, or free membership of a paid site or merchandise.

Now you have a better understanding of what digital marketing is, your next question might be, how do you get started?

Getting Started With Digital Marketing

Before you sign up for your free website and start plugging in all the details for running an ad or creating a landing page, consider carefully what you have learned here. You have a lot of options and some of those will fit your business better than others.

Think carefully and try to have a clear picture of what you would like to achieve with each channel of marketing you have available to you. What sort of digital marketing campaign will support your business model and your goals for it?

Which of those channels will drive brand awareness and create lead generation to allow the continual growth of your business and promote its scalability?

How are you going to leverage the power of digital marketing to give you the success you are working so hard for each day? Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed. This is understandable. But there is help available.

Before you go down the path of a DIY marketing plan. Why not consult an expert. Someone to help and to guide you through the process. Internet marketing services give you the right sort of advice and direction.

There are many to choose from but investing in the right advice will save you time and money as well as effort. Consulting with the best is generally, well, the best.

Where can you find the best digital marketing agency in the USA? NetConnect Digital Agency is recognized as America’s leading digital agency and we don’t mind tooting our own horn from time to time.  We know our business and we know how to put yours on the digital map.

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So, What is Digital Marketing?

Now you have a better understanding of this phenomenon called internet marketing, online business, or otherwise known as digital marketing.

You are armed with the language of online marketing and now know what SEO, CRO, and PPC are. You may even have an idea or two about how best to implement each of these into your plan.

Understandably though, you might have a lot more questions and would feel more comfortable consulting with a leading digital marketing agency before investing your money into any marketing plan.  And that is alright.

NetConnect is available to you now. Just click to connect and we’ll be happy to have a chat, look at your goals, and help you determine what the best plan of action would be to support your vision.

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