ADA Website Accessibility Compliance – A Complete Guide

Published In : 17-December-2020

Is your company’s website ADA compliant? Achieving and maintaining ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance on your company’s website is crucial for ensuring adherence to federal regulations, as well as guaranteeing that every visitor to your site is able to fully engage with the content during their online experience.

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Read on to learn more about what ADA compliance entails, and what steps you need to take to achieve it.

What is ADA compliance?

ADA compliance for websites first emerged in 2010, when the U.S. Department of Justice introduced the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design.

This pivotal, game-changing legislation was enacted in order to provide equitable access for those with disabilities in the digital age.

Since its inception, most companies are required by law to maintain and offer certain accessibility features on their websites to all individuals with various disabilities.

Certain features are implemented into a website’s design to allow users to view, read, listen to, adjust, and/or otherwise fully engage with online content. In fact, all electronic and information technology is subject to this mandate.

Failure to comply with these regulations, even if not done intentionally, can result in lawsuits, which can impose hefty fines and legal fees. Individuals with disabilities who feel that they have been discriminated against due to your website’s lack of accessibility tools or resources can take legal action against you.

Even if you find that you and/or your business does not fall under one of the required ADA compliance categories, it is still a good rule of thumb to ensure that your site is fully functional and usable for all users.

Although there are no specific, official guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Justice, there are recommendations that we heavily suggest you adhere to in order to assure users that your website and complete user experience are  ADA-compliant.

Two immensely helpful resources used in determining how to achieve ADA compliance are the web content accessibility guidelines, often referred to as WCAG, in addition to Automated ADA & Section 508 Compliance Services guidelines. Both resources are instrumental in providing pivotal guidance for ADA compliance

Who is bound by ADA compliance?

“Companies” is a rather broad term. Let’s look closer at who or what exactly is covered in this category. Specifically, those who fall under the following categories are subject to ADA compliance:

  • State and local government agencies
  • Private employers with 15 or more employees
  • Businesses that operate for the benefit of the public

Based on the above-listed specifications, most webmasters and businesses find themselves impacted by ADA compliance standards.

How is ADA compliance on websites achieved?

Specialized ADA compliance website services can, when implemented effectively, immediately meet—and exceed—the standards set forth by law.

NetConnect Digital Agency, the #1 marketing services provider in Pennsylvania, offers 100% ADA compliance for your website, almost instantaneously.

NetConnect Digital Agency’s ADA compliance services start by assessing your company’s website accessibility in the following areas:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Mobility
  • Cognitive

From there, your team at NetConnect Digital Agency will utilize a blend of machine learning and computer vision technologies in order to refine or translate your company’s current website status into ADA-compliant content.

Here are some examples of innovative features that are used by NetConnect Digital Agency for achieving ADA compliance:

Foreground Application—Visually impaired users can adjust features like content, color, display, and site navigation to suit their needs.

Background Application—Both visually impaired and motor-impaired users alike can benefit from tools like “screen reader” and “keyboard navigation” features. These innovations are particularly impressive due to the fact that prior to these advancements, such adjustments were only possible when done manually, which involved a great deal of time and troubleshooting.

Why should you choose NetConnect Digital Agency for your website’s ADA compliance needs?

  • In addition to being at the technological forefront of the digital marketing landscape, NetConnect Digital Agency offers 24/7 assistance for all questions and concerns that may arise. The immediacy of their expert level of service ensures that all visitors to your site are able to access and interact with any and all features.
  • Speaking of timeliness, did you know that NetConnect Digital Agency’s ADA compliance services can have you up-and-running immediately? That’s right! Instead of enduring a months-long, tedious conversion process, NetConnect Digital Agency has the technological resources and expertise to have your site automatically updated.
  • We listened to the source—directly. NetConnect Digital Agency’s top-notch service and programming offerings are the results of a collaborative effort between our team and individuals with disabilities—actual disabled website users. Users with disabilities ranging from blindness to motor-and-visual impairments to epileptics all played an integral part in the project.
  • To NetConnect Digital Agency, offering ADA website compliance services to companies is about much more than abiding by the law—it’s about providing equal, quality virtual access to all individuals who need that specialized assistance. We are committed to providing user-friendly access to all virtual visitors from across the globe.
  • By listening to their concerns and tailoring any necessary modifications to meet their unique needs, NetConnect Digital Agency is able to refine and deliver options that truly speak to the needs of the disabled consumer.
  • NetConnect Digital Agency’s ADA compliance services are also cost-effective. We offer a variety of pricing plans and packages designed to suit your company’s individual needs and budget.
  • When you enlist the ADA compliance services of NetConnect Digital Agency, you’ll also enjoy the freedom of design choices on your website. With some service providers, you may find that the design of your website is subject to certain restrictions or specifications necessary for meeting ADA compliance guidelines.
    • NetConnect Digital Agency possesses the resources to modify any design elements you have in place, which gives you the freedom to incorporate whatever format or style elements you choose.
    • Let your creativity and signature style flourish without worry over whether or not NetConnect Digital Agency will be able to adapt those aspects to ADA compliance—we are more than ready to meet and exceed your expectations and all legal requirements.

Do you need to achieve 100% ADA compliance on your company’s website? What are you waiting for? Call us to learn more about NetConnect Digital Agency’s stellar services.

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