How to spruce up your old website?

Published In : 09-March-2023

A website has become an inevitable part of running a business in this digital era. The quality of the content and appearance of your website determines the number of people who visit the site and gets converted into future customers. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you have the best website design built for the branding and marketing of your business. More than just building the best website design, it is also necessary to upgrade website from time to time, so that it remains on top of the search engine ranking.

At NetConnect Digital Agency, we help you to create the best website design for your business, or upgrade website that is not optimized to achieve your SEO goals. Here are a few effective tips to upgrade website that is old and outdated, so that you can have the best website design that will ensure maximum quality leads for your business.

Update your content – Content is the most important aspect of any website. People visit a website either to get informed about something or for the purpose of entertainment. Anyhow, a website’s purpose is served only if the visitor finds the content he is searching for. For this, it is essential to update content as per the latest innovations happening in the industry. It is also necessary to upgrade website with SEO friendly content at least once in a year so that you can be in sync with the core algorithm updates happening in search engines like Google every year. Our web designing team at NetConnect Digital Agency will help you in creating the best website design with relevant and quality content.

Make it mobile responsive – Today, more than 50% of the website visits come from mobile phones. Hence, if your website is not compatible for mobile use, then you may lose more than half of your leads at the starting point of the sales funnel. Therefore, it is vital for every business to upgrade website for the latest iOS and Android technologies if they are to stay competent in the market. Our expert web development team at NetConnect Digital Agency can help you upgrade website, or create the best website design from the start if you are a start-up trying to win a competitive edge in the market.

Optimize for SEO – The online competition among business websites is very high that you cannot be on top of the search engine results page unless your website is optimized for search engines. It is your ranking for each keyword that determines whether your website is going to be viewed by visitors. As 90% online users does not go beyond the top three URLs in the 1st page of the SERP, your leads depend on ensuring a position in the top three. Therefore, whether you want to upgrade website or create a new one, NetConnect Digital Agency can offer you the best website design that synchronises with the latest SEO trends.

Add call to action – A call to action button or CTA is an important element of a business website that guides the user to the next action that he is to perform on the website after reading the content. In olden days, websites lacked a clear purpose or business goals, so that most of them did not include a CTA. However, in a competitive market, your business fails to get many leads or future customers if you do not include a strong CTA in the website that persuades the user to take a desirable action like buying a product or trying a service. If you want to upgrade website or build a new one from scratch, NetConnect Digital Agency can provide you the best website design with all the necessary elements added to it.

Include social media links – The social media is a major marketing medium for businesses these days and having a mutual connection between your website and social media profile will help to attract users visiting one platform to the other. Hence, most of the modern-day sites include social media links at the footer of the website page. Even if you have a traditional website, you can consider to upgrade website or create a new one with the latest design elements. NetConnect Digital Agency can be your partner in developing the best website design for your business with the most sophisticated look and feel.

Make your website interactive – Having an interactive website helps you to gain high SEO score than a passive website. There should be elements in your website that users can engage with. This can be in the form of blog comments, filling some forms, puzzles, quizzes and more that keeps the users hooked on to your site for a longer period. This is a sign for search engines that your website is of interest to the users and it will recommend the page more in SERP. Our creative web developers at NetConnect Digital Agency will help you to build the best website design or upgrade website that has become dated with the latest interactive elements.

Do not be afraid of white space – The occurrence of white space in website often concerns business owners and many people insist to fill the entire space with content. This is a very bad practice and gives a cluttered look and feel to your website. All modern websites of great MNCs give prominence to white space, so that it has a neat look and the content is clearly visible. At NetConnect Digital Agency, we know the contemporary trends in web designing and can ensure you the best website design or upgrade website that will attract more customers to your business.

Check contact information – Sometimes, as your company grows, there will be a change of address or phone number. However, many business owners forget to update the information in their website. This is an area that you need to give special attention, because most of the people collect your contact information from the website and by providing wrong information, you will lose valuable leads. Our team at NetConnect Digital Agency gives attention to minute details when upgrade website or creating a new one to offer you the best website design in the industry.

Upgrade technical standards – Technical factors include elements like website speed, page navigation, mobile compatibility, and page layout. These have an important role in attracting visitors to your website. Our expert web developers at NetConnect Digital Agency helps your business to make the best website design or upgrade website as per the latest industry standards.

Planning to upgrade website with latest technology?

The importance of a good website in boosting your brand can never be over emphasized. It plays a vital role in attracting new customers to your business. Each company is competing today to build the best website design for their organization to achieve more leads. Therefore, if you are planning to upgrade website with the contemporary technologies, NetConnect Digital Agency can guarantee the best website design that helps you to stay ahead of the market competition. Contact us today to get reliable website help and support.

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