SEO Branding Strategy – How to Build Your Company Brand through SEO ?

Published In : 26-June-2019

Search engine optimization is the ultimate future of corporate branding and marketing. To give your business a sustainable corporate brand, you need to invest in a proper SEO branding strategy, including web development, content creation, reputation management, and link building.

Establishing a business is the easiest process of becoming an entrepreneur. Building a brand out of the business, however, is what matters as it determines whether the business will thrive beyond the competition. Thanks to the various branding opportunities that entrepreneurs have, every business has an opportunity to establish a competitive niche for itself in the market.

One of the strongest channels of corporate branding that is gradually standing out of the rest is search engine optimization. With search engine optimization, businesses have an opportunity to not only establish a crucial web presence but also utilize the web opportunity as a channel of building and maintaining a strong reputation.

Businesses have a wide range of opportunities as far as search engine optimization is concerned in helping brands themselves. Here is an SEO Branding Strategy overview of how to build your company’s brand through a competitive search engine.

Creating a strong brand signal

The first opportunity that every business has with digital technology to help in branding is establishing a crucial web presence through stunning web design. A carefully planned, well thought out, and perfectly executed web design concept is a great opportunity for a business to appeal to web users while creating a sustainable web identity. In order for a business to maximize its web traffic and thus create a unique brand experience, the focus should be made on three main areas of particular interest to web users.

  • Creating a visual identity – for a strong brand identity to be established, good visuals that can grab the attention of the web audience are crucial. A successful web creation strategy should focus on certain visual aspects, including the color themes used in the website pages, the kind of font size, the font style used, and the site’s logo concept employed.
  • Page titles – the kind of titles used for websites’ pages are crucial as they are used by search engines to help with enlisting search results, which is a crucial aspect in helping a business to brand itself better across the web audience. Incorporating the business’s brand name in all the pages of a particular website can help send out strong brand signals to search engines and users.
  • Optimizing user experience – user experience is a great attribute that can help draw the attention of web users, thereby boosting web traffic. When it comes to web user experience, it all depends on the ability of the web designer to come up with creative ideas on how the website can include features that add to the value proposition. For instance, the way content is arranged as well as the way users scroll across content and how they navigate from one page to another can significantly boost the overall experience that web users have on a business’s website.

Investing in content

SEO is all about content and how to play around with particular content attributes to help channel more traffic to a business’s website. A business should, in this regard, kick start its content-based marketing initiatives by creating a strong SEO strategy that rightly advises the business on the strategic direction to take. To ensure that the business’s content plays along well in helping with corporate branding, emphasis should be put on three important areas.

Keyword optimization – the choice of words used within a business’s web content should be strategically chosen to help boost the website’s search engine ranking. In a nutshell, this implies that the kind of content and phrases used within the content should not only incline towards the business’s value proposition but also ensure relevance to what web users are fond of querying on search engines. Relevant keyword phrases fall within the larger concept of SEO copywriting, which in turn helps to drive qualified traffic, thereby boosting SEO-based corporate branding.

Titles or headlines – your business’s web branding is a factor of how well it ranks across search engines as well as how famous it is among web browsers. To give your business a boost thereof, it is important to think of investing in a carefully thought headline generation process by tagging your content and pages.

Experts have found out that 80% of web users tend to concentrate and read more of the headlines as compared to 20% who are motivated enough to read through the rest of the content. You should, therefore, target optimizing your business’s title content with relevant keywords. In addition, it is also good to invest in properly optimized Meta descriptions which Google often uses in enlisting search results for web users.

Invest more in reputation management

Your business’s reputation is a function of the various feedbacks that it generates across the web; mainly as a result of the content that you generate for web users and the product and services provided to customers. To successfully manage your brand, you should target managing your business’s reputation; both positive and negative.

To achieve this, you may want to request and encourage web users and clients to provide feedback where necessary. Such feedback, whether positive or negative, should advise your business of the strategic direction to take in strengthening, correcting, or maintaining its client and web user engagement strategies.

In addition, your business should particularly focus on monitoring how the brand is mentioned among web users and the market in general. Setting up automatic alerts that notify the business whenever a mention is made across the web is a great opportunity for the business to combat negative reviews and mentions which contribute to poor reputation.

Focus on link building

Your brand’s reputation across the market can also be positively influenced by the kind of links that the website and web pages have. Investing in properly branded link building by anchoring keywords within your content to other high ranking websites and WebPages can help boost your website’s search engine ranking.

To be successful in this regard, link building does not have to do with hyperlinking your text within other websites only. The business can also focus on additional areas such as submitting the website to geo-specific directories such as Google Maps.

For example, ensuring that the business has a Google Map presence is a great Google Maps marketing strategy that forms part of the larger local SEO solutions. When properly executed, link building ensures that the business’s website ranks better on search engines.

Last thoughts

By now, it is certainly clear that the SEO branding strategy is of corporate importance. Your business has multiple opportunities which, if carefully employed and successfully utilized, can help give the business a much-needed boost of web traffic and, therefore, improved brand reputation.

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