How Google Trends Work?

Published In : 22-July-2021

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a search trend feature that shows the interest of Google users for certain search terms which is relative to the website’s total search volume in a given period. This is really helpful for related keyword research and also to discover certain event-triggered spikes in keyword search volume. 

Google Trends gives data related to keywords which Includes search Volume Index and Demographics information about searching users. 

What does Google Trends offer?

Current trends & topics are shown on the homepage of Google Trends. The most popular search queries in the world are documented in real-time and have been able to register the highest growth of search queries at the moment and are usually supported by entities such as a person, city, or event. 

In Google Trends, the “Explore” function is the most exciting for content marketing and Search Engine Optimization. In this, Google offers the chance to find the search interest for an entered keyword, both historically back to 2004 as well as the minute-by-minute progress over the past hour. Here the search volume is given in approx values. The highest value is 100; this means the highest search interest. The other values in the chart show the relativistic demand corresponded to the demand peak. 

The filter choices for the chart are:

  • Region: You can choose whether you want to view based on location – the “worldwide” chart or individual countries. 
  • Time period: You can choose the time period that is whether you want the hourly, weekly or monthly data from 2004 to present”. 
  • Categories: Especially for ambiguous words or differing user intentions you can display the result relevant to you here. 
  • Web Search: This option helps you to select whether you want to view the chart for web searches or combinations of universal searches such as Google News, Google Images, or video search with YouTube or Google Shopping. 

How to Use Google Trends

We can explore Google Trends from the top down by visiting the tool and seeing what searches are currently trending. You can dig into a topic for further information. 

how to use google trends

We can also enter a search term into the search box to see how search volume has varied for that particular term over time and in different locations. We can change the location, time frame, category or industry, and type of searches such as web, news, shopping, or YouTube for more exact data. 

how to use google trends

Google Trends also shows us similar search terms & how search interest based on sub-regions 

how to use google trends

We also have an option to compare between two search times based on the location, time frame, category or industry, and much more. This option is very useful for marketers to choose keywords. 

google trend comparisonWhy Google Trend is vital for SEO and Online marketing?

We can use the data found in Google Trends for several different SEO & Online marketing purposes. Below are some of the major uses of google trends in Online Marketing & SEO: 

  • Paid search: The Data from google trends can be used for PPC campaigns to help with cost planning and also inventory stocking. We can also use Google Trends to find unrelated trending terms you need to set as negative keywords so that trending search doesn’t affect your costs much. 
  • Content marketing & SEO: We can use Google Trends to know what people in the market your focus is searching for. Finding trending topics writing based on those trending topics can help us drive traffic to our website. 
  • Ad creativity: With google trends data we can outscore our competitor’s ad campaign and social media content by creating Creative ads & posts related to those trending topics. 

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