Google Announces Core Algorithm Update September 2022

Published In : 21-September-2022

Following the helpful content update completed on Friday, September 9, Google announced its second core algorithm update for September 2022. It begins on September 12 and will roll out for about two weeks.

What Is The Latest Google Algorithm Update?

On its Twitter page, Google announced that it would begin the rollout of the second core algorithm update on September 12 this year. The first algorithm update was carried out in May 2022 and has helped so far to improve website ranking.

Google Algorithm Update

Following the core algorithm update, it says that the rollout could take two weeks to complete. Also, Google updated and published its search ranking history page.

The core algorithm update rollout has started already, and as assured, Google will announce when the rollout is finished. This update follows the finished rollout of the helpful content update on Friday, September 9. Since it began, this update has taken the SEO community by storm and garnered mixed reactions.

Here are important facts about the Google core algorithm update in summary:

  • It was launched on September 12, 2022.
  • The rollout could last about two weeks to complete.
  • The update will target all types of content.
  • It may affect the visibility and volatility of existing web pages.
  • This update will make major changes affecting all regions and languages worldwide.
  • The update’s impact seems widespread and fast, affecting the percentages of searches and queries.
  • Google may refresh the algorithm at given periods in the future but may not always announce it. This is to improve the functionality.
  • This update will affect Google Discover and other app features, featured snippets, and searches, like the previous ones.
  • The core algorithm updates have both positive and negative effects on websites. They give updated advice for websites adversely affected.

What Is Google Algorithm Update?

Core algorithm updates are broad changes to Google’s algorithm system that can result in significant changes. These changes can affect SERPs, SEO, search queries, and more. Many websites are affected, and this can be positive or negative.

Google makes changes to its algorithm daily to improve its performance. Most of these changes may not be obvious and are not announced. When Google wants to make a core update, it officially announces it and the possible time range this update will last or roll out. Core updates are made a few times a year.

How Google Algorithm Updates Work

No one knows the exact way core updates work. But what is well-known is its impact on two aspects of organic search results – these are visibility and volatility. Visibility explains the organic presence of domain search results. While volatility is the tendency of visibility to increase or decrease.

Core updates affect the visibility and volatility of domains. While some websites become more visible on organic search results, others become less visible. With higher visibility comes higher traffic, and vice versa.

Google Core Algorithm Update September 2022 – What Is It All About?

Like previous updates, the latest core algorithm may cause positive or negative changes to a site’s search results. But how it can affect search results and its visibility is still not certain.

Still, it’s best to watch for Google updates and their impacts on your site. This gives you insight to when you notice changes in your website’s search results during the period of the rollout.

Since the rollout of the core update, widespread volatility has been occurring on many websites. The SEO community and Google tracking tools have begun showing fluctuations in web traffic.

Google has not confirmed how this latest update will impact search rankings. Especially in different languages and regions worldwide. But the public Search liaison for Google, Danny Sullivan, tweeted that the core update might increase the visibility of the helpful content update.

Previous Google Core Algorithm Update

The May 2022 broad core update was the most recent previous core update. It was very significant, having high volatility on sites. It was also fast, with its rollout starting on May 25, 2022, and completing on June 9, 2022.

The update before May was the November 2021 core update, which was also significant. It was considered more highly impactful than the previous update in July 2021. A core update in June 2021 rolled out for much longer than the subsequent July 2021 core update.

In December 2020, there was a highly significant and broad core update. It also lasts for a couple of weeks before rolling out. The update before December 2020 core update occurred in January 2020. It lasted a few days but significantly impacted almost all niches.

The September 2019 core update came before January 2020. Many experts believe it was “weaker” than the previous updates of March and June.

How To Respond And Benefit from The Core Algorithm Update

Google reassures site owners impacted by the core update that there is nothing wrong to fix. The company says that the change arises from how its systems assess content. But its algorithm will promote sites with helpful content. It advises site owners to provide quality content and follow Google guidelines.

Google also offers a list of questions to consider when evaluating your content as a precaution to prevent any adverse effects. This can help to optimize your content even in the rollout period.

Another way to optimize your content is to read the search quality raters’ guidelines that focus on the EAT areas. EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. So, ensure your content is doing well from an E-A-T perspective to improve your search results and ranking.

We also recommend that site owners and SEOs stay calm and wait for the rollout to complete before making decisions.


On its Twitter page, Google announced the rollout of the September Core Algorithm Update. It is the second core update following the previous core algorithm update in May 2022. Google states that the rollout could be completed in two weeks.

As usual, broad core updates shake up the visibility and volatility of sites. And this can have a positive or negative effect on the site’s search results. Site owners are advised to remain calm and wait out the rollout. And also, look out for future updates while producing quality content that follows Google guidelines.

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