Best Social Media Platforms for marketing your Business

When it comes to getting a business’ name out in the ether, there is no better way than social media. Social media giants provide incredibly diverse groups and cohorts from which to market too. So there lies the challenge of choosing a platform. Which group do I segment and present pitches? What platform represents that group the most?

Let’s break down the best social media platforms for marketing your business and point out the big-ticket talking points related to each. Lastly, we will cover the concept of omnichannel marketing, why it is useful, and how to build on as many platforms as possible.


Facebook reigns above as the king of social media, having around 2.5 billion users weekly. With this kind of reach, it’s no wonder that businesses are crushing sales on this platform.

With the ability to make free content, host business pages, develop fans of your product, and create consistent points of contact, Facebook is the number one spot your business should always have a business presence.

The pros of Facebook are its size and reach. However, younger generations are using less Facebook and more of other platforms, so Facebook might not be ideal for these cohorts.

Facebook Messenger

Still Facebook, but take notice of your capabilities with Messenger. Facebook has revolutionized Messenger in the last few years in a way to inspire trust with both businesses and consumers.

For example, you’ve gone ahead and bought a small businesses product or service locally, how do you connect with them? If they’re not in your social media bubble, you’ve got to take extra time to reach them by email or phone usually.

The convenience of interacting with real people in real-time via their Facebook Business Page has allowed many businesses to thrive in the tough times while others faltered.

It’s simple if I can contact you, and you can respond to me; there is real communication. People appreciate this fact and continue to buy your product or service.


Another company owned by Facebook, Instagram has shown a way for the younger generations to participate in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer market.

Another company owned by Facebook but has shown a way for the younger generations to join in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer market. Instagram helps businesses leverage word-of-mouth and influence marketing to take the reins. Word-of-mouth is one of the most robust ways that businesses can market without spending a lot of money. Therefore, it would be profoundly unwise not to syndicate your Instagram content with omnichannel marketing, but more of that to explain in a second.

At around 500+ million users per day, your business can tell a story, show images of current products and features, and create polls and participant interaction.


At around 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users, your business will have to power to reach users between the ages of 35 and 65 with a powerful effect.

By creating miniature blogs through tweets, twitter is very useful for creating brand awareness, building a following, and then leveraging that following on other platforms. A hashtag is a powerful method when applied in the right context and time.

Twitter is a powerful tool for business media that can release hot takes about your product or service and automate a ton within the platform.


Not quite considered social media but serves as an excellent medium for marketing your business, YouTube represents the majority of demographic groups who use online platforms, based on Pew Research.

They have a broad reach to all consumers, from urban to rural, and all income categories. Create your business, market your industry, or even just run some test videos to see if it catches. With 2 billion monthly users and a free starting platform, there really isn’t a downside for your business.

A bonus for YouTube is that video is really the driving factor in getting your content out in today’s dynamic and fast-paced online environment. People seem to be more apt to watch a 5-minute decently produced a video about your product than reading ten pages of product specs or search for reviews.


Send stories, elevate your blogs, advertise, advocate, and gamify. Snapchat has an equal following of males to females, but its real power is with Gen Z. If you want your product reach to extend to Gen Z, Snapchat’s 73% use by those ages 18-24 is your indication to move to this platform.

With Snapchat’s ad filters, target your ads by specific interest, age, or by previous interactions with a customer of yours. Businesses power up quickly by using Snapchat’s many filters, six-second non-skippable commercials, story ads, collection ads, and more. They continue to innovate drive content forward.

Other Notable Social Platforms that can’t go without mentioning are:

  • Pinterest – Test and get ideas for business interests and hobbies
  • LinkedIn – Promote your business, find work, freelancing, B2B
  • WhatsApp – Leading messaging service worldwide and preferred communication channel
  • Reddit – 330 million monthly active users that need answers, Marketers goldmine
  • Tik Tok – Tell stories with your authentic, creative content, and flipping traditional marketing

Back to omnichannel marketing, this is a multichannel sales approach that provides customers with an integrated shopping experience.

Without going entirely into how this to accomplish this tremendous task, the understanding should be that the customer can seamlessly move throughout different platforms or content of yours to result in sales or boosted content.

The most significant factor to note with omnichannel marketing is that the customer experience should remain consistent and similar throughout each platform.

Take your ad campaign to the next level by developing an omnichannel strategy that leverages your business naturally throughout as many platforms as possible.

Staying within the target segmentation or reach of your business’ campaign, you can leverage every one of these social media platforms uniquely that blend together using each platform’s features to their specific advantage.

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