2023 Website Trends that will Make Your Business Stand Out!

Published In : 03-March-2023

The only constant in this universe is change. This law applies to technology more than anything. Every day, some innovations keep happening in the field of technology. With the new year a few days away, it is essential for business owners to become aware of these technology trends, the most important of them being website design. Website technology and design has undergone a lot of changes over the last one year. Many features that was once innovative might have become overdone and cliched with time. If you want your business to stand out from the rest of the competitors, it is crucial to be aware of the latest website design trends and upgrade website with cutting edge technologies. Here are a few top website design trends from NetConnect Digital Agency that will help boost your business in 2023.

Top website design trends for 2023

  • Smart content loading

It is a technique where the website downloads content based on the user’s preference and requirement. Earlier, when a user clicked on the website link, the whole web page got downloaded. This resulted in low website speed and bad customer experience. Many customers do not scroll down to the bottom of the page, thus making it a waste of time to download the entire content. With smart content loading, only the content that the user views get downloaded, thus increasing page loading speed.

  • Integration of CRM tools

The most important aspect of a business that is considered supreme today is customer relationship management (CRM). In order to convert your website visitors into customers and to retain them in the future, it is necessary to create a strong relationship with them. Hence, most of the leading websites integrate many CRM tools within the website design that is meant to collect customer data during their website journey. This data enables businesses to track customer behaviour and provide personalized experience for them in the future.

  • Voice user-interface

As online browsing has evolved from typing keywords to voice search, it is essential for websites also to evolve gradually to incorporate voice search. People are busy and does not want to take the time to search long phrases. Enabling voice user interface (VUI) in your business website can take you far ahead of your competitors in the future. This will even allow children who does not know letters to visit and interact with your website. VUI will determine the future of ecommerce and will be a great addition to your website design when you upgrade website in 2023.

  • Interactive elements

Does your business website offer interactive sections to your customers that grab their attention and keep them engaged? This is an evolving design element that helps to enhance customer satisfaction and keeps them hooked to your website for long. This interaction can be in the form of quizzes, polls, puzzles, or contests, which are related to your business. Including such innovative features when you upgrade website will increase traffic and boost customer engagement.

  • Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been a popular technology for the past few years, but it is ever evolving and its scope and significance are still under research. Many leading companies have incorporated virtual reality in their websites to improve customer experience. This allows the user to interact directly with the product as if in real time and space. Virtual reality is very useful for ecommerce websites, as it lets the user have a three-dimensional view of the products before purchase. This will add trust to your business and lead to more purchases. When you upgrade website in 2023, make sure to include VR as an essential part of your website design.

  • Mobile optimization

The importance of having a mobile-friendly website can never be overemphasized. This is because, the number of people browsing online from mobile devices have increased considerably over these years and the number is still on rise each day. Most leading businesses have already optimized their websites for mobile phones. However, there are still small business website design that has not changed with time. It is crucial for them to upgrade website and adapt to such changes at least by 2023, if they wish to be successful in their business.

  • Dark mode

Dark mode has become more popular recently as it helps to reduce eye strain for users spending long hours in front of mobile phones or laptops. Although, many mobile devices have already introduced a feature to choose dark mode, it would be better if your website design also has such an element. Dark mode also provides your website a trendy look when compared to the olden style. Try giving a new look while you upgrade website in 2023.

  • Animated video

Video are the most engaging form of content and including them in your website can make it more attractive and informative to the users. However, embedding some YouTube videos in the page is an olden idea and does not look trendy. Instead, you can upgrade website by including animated videos into the design element that gives the users an idea about your business in an interesting and catchy way. Thus, it improves website engagement and augment your website SEO score.

  • Fluid shapes

Innovative websites now prefer fluid shapes for background design than geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, or triangles. It means, using asymmetrical shapes instead of straight lines. This gives infinite possibilities in design and offers a refreshing experience for the users, free from cliché website design patterns. Hence, if you plan to upgrade website, incorporate these elements into the design.

  • Chatbots

This is an already common element in most business websites. However, there are still many small business website design companies that does not include chatbots in the websites. This tendency should go away and small businesses should upgrade website if they want to offer the best service to those customers visiting their website.

Small business website design tips for 2023

Building a small business website design is not a simple task as it seems. It should be given the same focus that you give to any complex website design. If you are planning to upgrade website or build a new one for your start-up company, then these small business website design tips will help you to accomplish your goal successfully.

  • A small business website design should include a top home page banner (hero image) that clearly describes your business.
  • The content management system (CMS) for your small business website design should be reliable and user-friendly.
  • Ensure that your small business website design has an engaging user interface to leverage maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Including SEO best practices in your small business website design is highly beneficial to increase organic traffic.
  • Incorporating various tools like Google analytics and Google search console in your small business website design will help you to track site performance.
  • When you build a small business website design, do not forget to upgrade website occasionally to ensure better user experience.
  • Choosing an attractive layout for your small business website design will take you a long way towards success.
  • Your small business website design should maintain consistency of theme and color throughout every pages.
  • A small business website design should not lack a relevant call to action.
  • Make sure that your small business website design looks visually rich with beautiful images, animations, and videos.

Want a trendy business website in 2023?

The new year is a time to reconsider your business plans and make digital innovations like build a new website or upgrade website, to make your business stand out. A website is one of the most important elements that help to brand your business. Nevertheless, many companies still rely on tools like website design templates to build their business website. Although, there are various website design templates like GoDaddy website design, Shopify website design, and Wix website design that offer easy drag and drop features to build a website by yourself, this is not an ideal solution when it comes to expanding your business.

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