Top PPC Trends for 2020

Published In : 31-December-2019

Given how often Google changes the rules, PPC management gets trickier by the year. Just when you think you’re on top of the latest trends, another one comes along.

The top PPC trends for 2020 should impact your PPC strategy. Here are six that you must adapt to:

PPC automation and artificial intelligence

Automation and AI save time and money. Humans are hardly obsolete, but valuable man-hours are better spent running your business, tweaking your campaign strategy and measuring results.

New automation and AI technologies handle repetitive tasks. They pick up on users’ shopping patterns, pinpoint bids that will generate the most traffic, and predict click-through rates.

Automation and AI tap your audience just when they’re ready to buy.

More and better audience targeting

Sophisticated analytical tools provide data you can leverage to nail your audience and improve PPC marketing. Knowing how your audience engages with your brand enables you to deliver the most relevant ads to the most interested people at the most opportune time.

You can segment your audience by location, age, gender, devices and channels used, income and education levels, online behavior and much more.

Better data is revolutionizing Google Ads PPC marketing.

Video advertising Let’s face it:

The internet has turned us all into visual learners. The average internet user spends almost 90 percent more time on websites that feature videos than on those that don’t.

Video will dominate PPC advertising in 2020. It’s the best way to communicate with your audience and express your brand’s personality.

High-quality video should be integrated into every stage of the buying funnel.

Visual ads and responsive search ads

When you identify PPC 2020 trends, don’t overlook the latest on Google Display Network. It comprises more than 2 million websites, apps and videos. Each is potentially a medium for your ads.

The display network is trending away from text and shifting toward visual and responsive ads. Responsive ads automatically adjust in size, format and overall appearance to fit a wide range of available Google Ad spaces.

Voice searches

These play an increasingly important role in effective SEM. It’s estimated that around half of all mobile internet searches in 2020 will be voice searches.

The technology has improved by leaps and bounds to detect nuance, regional speech patterns and speaking difficulties. Search engines interpret conversational phrases and deliver the best, most relevant information.

How well you adapt to voice searches determines which pages your ads appear on.

Remarketing remains effective

There’s nothing wrong with continually reaching out to new audiences. However, don’t forget about potential customers who have already shown interest.

Remarketing to people who have liked you on Facebook or started a shopping cart is one of the most cost-effective strategies in PPC advertising. With a little nudging, those users are far more likely to become paying customers than users making your acquaintance for the first time.

When it comes to PPC management in 2020, going with the flow is a good thing.

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