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    Social media platforms reach 8 out of 10 users in the United States, making such media a highly effective marketing tool. With these sites incorporating booking tools, dental social media marketing is now one of the industry’s top digital strategies.

    Unfortunately, audiences on sites like Instagram and YouTube are notoriously fickle. This inconsistency, combined with the saturation on these platforms and ad blockers, makes social media for dentistry more challenging. It’s no longer enough to post pictures of your best results; you also must add value for your followers.

    The immediacy of these platforms presents a further challenge, with potential patients expecting consistent engagement and quick responses.

    Keeping up with even one or two of these platforms while running your practice can become overwhelming quickly. That’s why NetConnect Digital Agency offers you access to a specialist team dealing with social media for dental practices.

    As a leading dental social media marketing agency, we’ll help you leverage the full power of social media. Dental practices that partner with us have our full support with every aspect of this robust digital marketing tool.

    We work with you to establish your primary goals then target our plans accordingly. Working with us, you receive targeted campaigns that produce results. We can help you to:

    Standing out on social media for the right reasons is the first step in any digital marketing strategy. Creating a targeted approach is highly effective for attracting qualified leads. Consistency of effort is critical to keep those leads coming.

    Speak to our team about improving your social media presence and identifying the best ways to reach out to your target market.


    Facebook Ads for Dentists

    Why Facebook?

    With 69% of Americans being active on the platform, it’s a good place for a dentist to start. With a more mature and predominantly female audience, it may prove the ideal place for you to advertise family dentistry or orthodontics.

    Why Pay for Advertisements?

    Regular dental social media posts help get your practice’s name out there and establish credibility with your audience. However, there are no guarantees that these will become featured posts. Facebook dentist ads remove that uncertainty.

    By paying for strategically placed and high-converting advertisements, you can leverage the full strength of social media. Paid dental Facebook posts allow you to carefully select your audience and deliver ads to the right people.

    Can You Manage It Yourself?

    In theory, it’s a relatively simple process. You create social media ads for dentists, post them at the right time, and customers start making appointments. In practice, it’s a complicated process requiring consistent refinements to achieve the best possible results.

    Something as simple as changing the color of your Call to Action button can significantly impact your target audience. However, without experience, you might wonder which elements to change. As the manager of a busy practice, you are also unlikely to have the time to perform split testing and carefully track which adverts work for you.

    If you factor in the other elements of social media management, like creating new content and engaging with followers, maintaining a relevant presence on social media is a time-consuming endeavor. Being present on multiple channels adds to the workload because each platform requires a slightly different approach.

    By working with NetConnect Digital Agency, you maximize your dentist social media marketing results. Our team works with these platforms daily and stays updated on algorithm tweaks. Instead of relying on guesswork, they understand what it takes to get your ad front and center in front of the right people.

    Partnering with us is an investment in social media for dentistry that saves you time and money and prevents frustration. Optimize your digital marketing budget; call us today. 351

    Why Choose NetConnect as Your Dental Social Media Expert?

    NetConnect Digital Agency provides comprehensive social media management and marketing services to suit your budget.

    Social Media Management

    Our dental social media management plans offer you between three and ten optimized posts per week. Depending on your budget, we can work with between two and six platforms. All our packages include custom-designed graphics that are eye-catching and highly effective.

    We’ll help you deliver high-quality content to reinforce your credibility and grow a healthy following. Our perfectly optimized content will naturally attract views, improving your organic reach. Our plans incorporate strategies to boost engagement and visibility, directing more organic traffic to your website.

    We’ll assist you in creating a solid social media presence that generates qualified leads and helps you grow your practice over the long term. Discuss with us your goals in the following areas.

    Social Media Marketing

    Unlike some other agencies, we don’t charge expensive hourly rates for our social media marketing. Instead, we cap our fees at 15% of your overall social media marketing budget. This limit keeps our packages affordable and allows you to control your spending.

    Contact the NetConnect Digital Agency team today to discuss our packages or simply sign up below. Let us know what we can assist you with, and we’ll create the ideal strategy for your practice.

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