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    If you’re starting a new private dental practice in any city worldwide, your most significant challenge won’t be the fact that people are now taking care of their dental health through online means.

    It will be that you’re competing for a limited wallet share among hundreds of other dentists in your locale who have more name and brand recognition than you do.

    How do you break through the clutter and market your practice successfully?

    Dental ads that pique the curiosity of prospective customers are essential for the growth of new practices. Here at the NetConnect Digital Agency (NCDA), we can help you. Dental advertising through pay-per click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) are at the heart of everything we do.

    The Advantages of Digital Marketing for New Dental Practices

    Our marketing experts have been helping hundreds of small practices earn revenue from various types of online dental ads. We are experts at increasing a practice’s exposure to potential clients from neighboring towns and cities through what we call Local SEO, too.

    Many dentists make the mistake of thinking that marketing is easy to perform and that they can mimic large-scale corporate practices by adopting their marketing tactics for a smaller scale campaign. However, independent dental startups have more modest assets, lower sales figures, and fewer employees that specialize in marketing.

    According to the small business experts from Freshbooks, small dental practices need two to three years to become profitable. With higher equipment costs and wage inflation, that hang time will only continue to grow longer.

    So if you’re trying to think of a hip and creative marketing strategy that will drive more clicks into your website and result in more in-person visits to your local office, you’ll prosper more quickly by turning to our dental PPC marketing experts at NetConnect Digital Agency.

    PPC Management for Dentists

    At the NetConnect Digital Agency, our dental marketing experts are proud to partner with companies like Wix, SemRush, HubSpot, and Google to deliver you the best in online marketing. We have a 99.7% satisfaction rate from over 500 website development projects for independent and Big Box dental practices.

    Our marketing strategy focuses on the three pillars of dental marketing: visual ads, keyword SEO, and social media.

    Ads that Catch the Eye while Inspiring Curiosity

    Most of our clients have a first-rate dental practice with a 100% customer satisfaction rating, and they’re ready for the next step on their business journey. Our dental PPC management professionals have years of experience creating texts, images, and videos for adverts that will catch the attention of your potential market while driving up the curiosity of people outside it.

    In-Depth Keyword Research for a Grounded SEO Strategy

    After we learn about the strong points of your practice, we’ll shine a light on them on a larger platform so that people can see your dental office the same way we do. We’ll accomplish this by researching SEO keywords that drive clicks, extend watch times, and invite more guests into your blog posts and homepages.

    People are unpredictable, and even the most tried-and-tested marketing strategies can fail depending on a litany of factors. So our experts can shift and change some of your keywords after carefully monitoring your market activity, and we’ll refine your marketing strategy until you achieve your exposure goals.

    Expert Social Media Management

    If people can’t search for your practice on Google or Facebook, you may be out of business in a few years. Google and Facebook PPC campaigns have become so profitable that A-list actors and models are now working for large-scale dental practices that want to lure in the young, hip, and image-conscious.

    Online strategies are also perfect for dentists who want to reach many demographics. The senior population needs veneers, gum disease cures, and assistance with diabetes-related tooth conditions. The young adult market has an enormous demand for braces, wisdom teeth procedures, and clear aligners.

    Our social media management teams are experts in creating a captive audience on networking like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

    Advantages of Google Ads for Dentists

    According to recent studies, people from all corners of the world perform over 228 million Google per minute, totaling over 5 billion searches every 24 hours. Google owns a 90% market share of the search engine market, which means if you double the size of Yahoo!, Bing, and Baidu, they still wouldn’t equate to half its stake even if you put them all together.

    If people in your city can’t find your dental practice on a Google page, it might as well not exist. Google ads help you:

    Why Choose NCDA’s PPC Management for Dentists?

    Market analysts predict that millennials and Gen Z-owned businesses and employees will be the number one source of revenue for dental practices worldwide in ten to fifteen years. The COVID pandemic has made a lasting impression on them. They are now more adaptable to online shopping, virtual appointments, and finding out about local and world events on social media.

    If you’re trying to capture the limited attention spans of these internet natives, you sometimes have to fine-tune an old marketing strategy to produce results. Our NCDA dental ads team will track conversions, create a PPC budget plan, and perform routine assessments to transform your website into an authoritative page on search engine results in the most cost-effective manner.

    Our patient-centered dental pay-per-click (PPC) marketing approach is a hit with our many independent and Fortune 500 clients, helping us provide them with over $1 million in revenue through online advertorials.

    Do not miss out on this business trend! Arrange for one of our dental ads experts to work for you by calling us at the NetConnect Digital Agency Hotline today at 855-705-0732. Our specialists will provide you with a free consultation after we ask a few questions about your business.

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